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14 April, 2024

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Vision system makes 3D inspection tasks as easy as 2D

20 January, 2021

Cognex has announced a “breakthrough” embedded vision system which, it claims, makes 3D inspections as easy to perform as 2D. The In-Sight 3D-L4000 camera uses a 3D laser displacement technology that allows users to conduct a variety on inspection tasks on production lines quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

“Until now, 3D has been too expensive and complicated to solve inspection applications for most customers,” says John Keating, Cognex’s 3D business manager. “The In-Sight 3D-L4000 breaks previous barriers by providing a massive suite of true 3D vision tools and making them as easy to use as the industry-leading In-Sight 2D vision tools.”

The camera combines patented speckle-free blue laser optics with a broad range of 3D vision tools and an intuitive spreadsheet interface. It captures and processes 3D images for inline inspection, guidance and gauging applications.

Cognex says that it is more accurate than traditional systems, expanding the types of inspection that can be performed. Moreover, because the inspections are in 3D, users can immediately experience how the vision tools operate on the actual part.

The new camera offers traditional 3D measurement tools such as plane and height finding. It also comes with a set of 3D vision tools, designed from scratch to perform inspections in true 3D.

Cognex claims that is new 3D vision system is as easy to use as 2D systems

The intuitive spreadsheet interface sets up and runs applications quickly and easily without needing any programming or external processing. It is claimed to simplify application development and to streamline factory integration with a full set of I/O and communications functions. It also allows 2D and 3D vision tools to be combined in the same application, leading to faster deployments.

The new camera is available with three factory-calibrated fields-of-view and is suitable for applications across a wide range of industries including food and beverage, consumer products, packaging, automotive, medical devices, and electronics.

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