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17 April, 2024

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Vision system ‘speeds up with each camera added’

11 November, 2016

The machine vision market-leader, Cognex has announced a family of smart vision systems for multi-camera applications which, it claims, gets faster with each camera added.

Traditional multi-camera systems use “dumb” cameras that share the same processor, resulting in slower performance as more are added. This limits their use to applications with simultaneous acquisitions.

Cognex says its new In-Sight VC200 overcomes these restrictions because the processing power increases with each extra camera, thus expanding the scope for multi-camera inspection applications. The improved performance helps to keep pace with fast-moving production lines, and also provides the flexibility to solve applications involving sequential or asynchronous inspections.

“As our customers expand their use of machine vision, they are looking for ways to make standalone cameras work together to solve applications requiring multi-view inspections,” explains Cognex vice-president, Joerg Kuechen, who manages its vision products business. “The In-Sight VC200 now offers this functionality, leveraging the In-Sight platform, recognised as being the gold standard in machine vision.”

Cognex describes its new arrival as the "the world's first multi smart camera vision system'

The system includes a customisable, Web-enabled HMI that provides password-protected monitoring and control. Operators can view inspections, controls engineers can modify parameters, and plant managers can review performance statistics simultaneously from any iOS, Android or Windows-based device with a Web browser.

Applications are set up using Cognex’s In-Sight Explorer software. The graphical workflow simplifies vision applications by separating inspection steps into manageable tool blocks. It also provides access to In-Sight vision tools – such as PatMax Redline and OCRMax – via the familiar spreadsheet interface.

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