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18 July, 2024

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Which requirements do heterogeneous networks have for the switch

12 September, 2022


A Safe Bet for a Sweet Deal

05 October, 2021

As one of the leading sugar and food companies in Europe and with operations all over the world, the Südzucker AG Group prioritizes quality: To ensure that this is reflected in its products, the group uses modern, technical systems and reliable, automated processes.

Four opportunities for machine-builders to increase revenues

04 June, 2021

Leading machine builders estimate that 20% of their revenue will come from digital services in 5 years. What’s your vision and plan?

Servodrives can simplify functional safety

07 January, 2021

The IEC 61508 functional safety standard has made life much easier for machine-builders, as well as for end-users. The result, as Rami Simany, application engineering technology manager at Elmo Motion Control explains, has been safer, smarter, smaller, simpler and better-performing machines.

Putting Industry 4.0 into Practice

14 November, 2019

Download Datalogic’s whitepaper to discover the many reasons why seamless traceability is fundamental for future success.

Preparing machinery for Industry 4.0 applications

08 January, 2018

Eaton has published a White Paper entitled Preparing machines and systems for connection to the Internet of Things (IoT). It describes, in plain words, the basic points of the Industry 4.0 architecture, such as horizontal and vertical integration, cyber-physical systems and smart devices.

Applying the ErP Directive to motors and their protection

16 July, 2015

Eaton has produced a pair of White Papers that cover aspects of the ErP (energy-related products) Directive. The first paper, Motor Protection for the IE3 revolution, explains why IE3 motors have higher starting currents and how this affects the requirements placed on switchgear and protection technologies. The second paper, Successful implementation of the ErP Directive, uses concrete examples to show how losses can be reduced using speed controls, and explains how best to tackle electric motor efficiency. It presents several different technical solutions.

Why vee-guides are often the best choice for linear applications

30 March, 2015

HepcoMotion is offering a White Paper on choosing and using vee-guides in linear motion applications. The 10-page paper includes advice and example calculations.

The impact of energy management on DCS systems

24 October, 2014

Schneider Electric has produced a White paper called Energy management impact on distributed control systems (DCS) in industrial environments.

Advice on choosing pneumatic valves and terminals

27 September, 2013

Festo has published a White Paper aimed at helping machine designers to improve their electropneumatic controls by choosing the right valves and valve terminals. The free paper, Quality and an attractive price – the right way to buy valves / valve terminals, also dispels some misleading information, and highlights some of the key factors affecting costs of ownership.

Energy efficiency of motor-driven systems

02 July, 2013

Michael Björkman, technical marketing director for the Finnish drives-maker Vacon, has produced a White Paper that examines the energy efficiency of motor-driven systems with particular reference to the new EU standard on the energy efficiency requirements of variable-speed-driven machines.

How to migrate from a legacy DCS

02 July, 2013

Rockwell Automation has released three White Papers that look at financial, strategic and optimisation issues when migrating DCSs (distributed control systems) that have reached the end of their useful lives.

Functional integration can save time and boost efficiency

02 July, 2013

Festo has published a White Paper that outlines how machine-builders and engineers can improve efficiency and productivity by integrating electrical and pneumatic functions.

Initiative aims to boost Ethernet in the process sector

10 May, 2013

ODVA has announced a White Paper outlining its vision for process automation. The organisation has launched an “initiative for process automation” – in cooperation with suppliers including Cisco, Rockwell and Schneider – to accelerate adoption of industrial Ethernet in process automation, based on ODVA’s industrial EtherNet/IP technology. The aim is to allow users to deploy Ethernet down to the field level and, in the long term, to include all process automation needs, including safety, explosion protection and diagnostics.

Re-shoring using flexible automation

10 May, 2013

The robot-maker Adept Technology has issued a White Paper describing how flexible automation can help to bring manufacturing back to countries that have traditionally had high labour costs. It quotes the example of Philips Electronics which has “re-shored” production of shavers to a site in the Netherlands.

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