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17 May, 2024

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Cobots with onboard AI and vision ‘redefine robotics’

22 December, 2022

The Taiwanese cobot (collaborative robot) developer Techman Robot has announced a new series that integrates precision robot arms with AI engines and smart vision systems. It says that the TM AI cobots will accelerate the transition to Industry 4.0.

Techman claims that the new cobot is the only intelligent robotic arm with a comprehensive AI software suite. Its AI capabilities include 3D vision, image management, training and AOI edge functions, allowing users to train and tailor systems to suit their applications.

Techman Robot's president, Shi-chi Ho believes the company “has redefined the future of industry robotics” with the introduction of the AI Cobot. It “represents a perfect combination of brain, hands and eyes,” he adds.

“With our all-in-one integrated system and supporting software suite, we lead the industry with ease of integration, accelerating productivity while reinforcing quality, and opening new opportunities,” Ho argues.

By performing visual processing in the robot arm, the cobots can perform fast, precise pick-and-place, palletising, welding, assembly, inspection and food preparation applications, among others. The AI vision capabilities can accelerate these tasks.

Techman’s new cobot has onboard vision and AI capabilities

Techman has a strategic alliance with Omron which sells versions of the Techman cobots under its own name.

• Techman Robot recently demonstrated an AI cobot capable of handling 25Kkg payloads, which it claims is an industry first. This model will be available at a future date.

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