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23 February, 2024

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Low-cost servodrives will create “a small revolution”

30 January, 2024

Aerotech has launched a series of slimline single- and multi-axis digital PWM servodrives for use with its Automation1 motion control platform, at a lower cost than its higher performance drives. The two-axis XA4 and the single-axis iXA4 drives are both cost less than €2,000. Both versions are available either as standalone motion controllers or as part of PC-based systems with I/O expansion options. A four-axis version will follow later this year, as well as I/O expansion and DC motor supply input for the entire series.

Next-gen air-core motor cuts weight and raises efficiency

23 January, 2024

The US motor-maker Infinitum has unveiled the next generation of its Aircore EC high-efficiency motor system with the claim that it is 20% lighter than the previous version, and is easier to install and service. The motor, which has a built-in variable-frequency drive, delivers system efficiencies upwards of 93%, as well as “class-leading” power and torque density in a low-footprint package.

Elevator drives eliminate the need for contactors

19 January, 2024

The Brazilian motors and drives manufacturer WEG has announced a new series of lift drives that, it says, “redefine elevator technology”. The ADL500 drives use a technology called EBC500 (Electronic Brake Control) that eliminates the need for contactors in what WEG calls a “zero contactors concept”.

Upgraded servodrives open up new applications

18 January, 2024

Siemens has upgraded the hardware and software of its Sinamics S210 servodrives, making them more suitable for applications with high dynamics – such as packaging and pick-and-place machines – with ratings from 50W-7kW. The new-generation drives have a second encoder interface, making it easier to control individual axes, and they can connect to direct-measuring systems to compensate for mechanical looseness and tolerances. This increases precision, says Siemens, opening up new applications.

Motor-monitoring device checks 400 parameters

16 January, 2024

Omron has launched a motor condition-monitoring device that automates the detection of abnormalities in servomotors or induction motors that change speed or load rapidly. By analysing more than 400 parameters derived from current and voltage measurements, the K7DD-PQ device can detect failure modes such as worn blades, chip entanglement, or deteriorating bearings. It eliminates the need to rely on the experience and senses of skilled workers, reduces inspection efforts, and avoids unexpected equipment failures.

‘Smallest’ radar distance sensor offers high accuracy

15 December, 2023

The German sensor-maker OndoSense has developed what it claims is the world’s smallest radar-based distance sensor. The reach sensor combines millimetre accuracy with high measuring speeds and a wide measuring range, to perform distance measurement, object detection and positioning applications.

Next-generation laser distance sensor ‘raises the bar’

15 December, 2023

The German sensor-maker Sick has announced a next-generation laser-based distance sensor which, it claims, raises the bar for mid- to long-range distance sensing. Using a time-of-flight measuring technology, the DT80 1D sensor is said to achieve an accuracy of ±2mm and a resolution of 0.1mm over ranges of up to 80m.

Rectangular track system supports payloads up to 40kg

30 November, 2023

The UK linear motion specialist HepcoMotion has developed a new guidance system for Beckhoff Automation’s XTS smart conveyor technology that moves items along rectangular paths. By removing the XTS system’s curved segments, the new GFX-r system can handle payloads of up to 40kg

UR’s most powerful cobot ‘underpins new era in automation’

30 November, 2023

Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots), has demonstrated a new 30kg-payload cobot that it says will underpin a new era in automation. The UR30 machine weighs only 63.5kg, allowing it to be moved easily between work cells. It has a reach of 1.3m and footprint diameter of 245mm.

Scara robot has the highest payload in its class

29 November, 2023

ABB Robotics has completed its industrial Scara robot portfolio with a new robot that, it claims, offers the highest payload of any Scara machine in its class. The IRB 930 robot comes in three variants capable of handling payloads from 12–22kg. ABB says that the 22kg version delivers a 10% increase in throughput compared to others in its class by handling more and heavier workpieces at once.

Safety is a priority for contactor-free elevator drives

28 November, 2023

The Taiwanese automation supplier Delta Electronics has announced a new generation of elevator drives with safety as a top priority, offering built-in safe torque off (STO), as well as compliance with EN81-20 and EN81-50. The compact EB3000 drives ensure smooth, comfortable rides for passengers. They are said to be easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot, and offer wireless control via Bluetooth.

AC/DC converters provide DC motor control and more

21 November, 2023

WEG has launched a series of AC/DC converters that support a wide range of supply voltages and current ratings, catering for both two- and four-quadrant applications. The TPD32-EV-FC converters “offer a versatile solution for motor control to meet the technological demands of a vast range of sectors, for improved efficiency and exceptional performance,” says WEG Automation Europe product manager, Karim Boudaoud.

Next-gen multi-core motion control avoids limitations

18 November, 2023

Beckhoff has unveiled a new generation of its TwinCat motion control technology that takes advantage of the latest multi-core and multitasking processing technologies to overcome some of the limitations of earlier generations. At the SPS exhibition in Germany, the company also demonstrated how it is using chatbots to simplify engineering.

Motion controller marries Windows with multi-axis engine

18 November, 2023

The UK controls developer Trio Motion Technology used the recent SPS show to launch a new motion controller based on Intel multi-core processors, which can run Microsoft Windows alongside Trio’s own Motion-iX core, allowing-machine builders to integrate Windows applications with advanced motion functions.

Factory monitoring platform works with any equipment

13 November, 2023

The German sensor-maker Sick has launched a platform that collects data from any factory source – including sensors, machine controllers and IIoT devices from any manufacturer – and displays it in real time, generating alerts and alarms, and visualising historical trends via dashboard graphics. The vendor-agnostic Field Analytics platform will help manufacturing and logistics organisations to optimise their performance by providing application-specific condition monitoring and process insights, independent of the machinery and systems that they use.

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