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26 August, 2019

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Predictive maintenance for LV motors

24 July, 2019

In last month’s column, Rob Wood, ABB’s UK sales manager for LV motors and generators, looked at three types of maintenance strategy. This month, he examines what predictive maintenance means in practice for maintaining LV motors.

What is the best maintenance plan?

13 May, 2019

Rob Wood, ABB’s UK sales manager for LV motors, describes three types of maintenance strategy, and explains the circumstances in which they should be used.

Why electric motors need servicing

25 April, 2019

Rob Wood, ABB’s UK sales manager for LV motors, examines the factors that can cause motors to age.

Commissioning motors safely

12 March, 2019

Rob Wood, ABB’s UK sales manager for LV motors, looks at how to install and commission motors properly to boost their reliability, minimise breakdowns, and cut operating costs.

Selecting the right motor environment

04 February, 2019

Rob Wood, ABB’s UK sales manager for LV motors, examines aspects of an electric motor’s operating environment that you need to consider when choosing and specifying a machine.

The Rise of motor applications

02 January, 2019

Rob Wood, ABB’s UK sales manager for LV motors, continues to work through the Rise acronym – Requirements, Infrastructure, Standards and Environment – used to choose the best motor for your application. This month he looks at infrastructure and standards. 

Digging into motor application needs

01 November, 2018

In the second part of his series looking at the steps involved in choosing a low-voltage motor, Rob Wood, ABB’s UK sales manager for LV motors, continues to examine the “requirements” for such choices.

The four steps to choosing the right motor

01 October, 2018

Rob Wood, ABB’s UK sales manager for low-voltage motors, kicks off a new series that will examine the steps you need to go through when choosing a low-voltage motor.

What is the real cost of owning a motor?

01 September, 2018

Rob Wood, ABB’s sales manager for LV motors in the UK, examines the true cost of owning and operating an electric motor over a typical 20-year lifespan. His conclusions are startling.

The global importance of motor efficiency

01 July, 2018

Two thirds of the electrical energy used in industry is consumed by electric motors. Rob Wood, ABB’s sales manager for LV motors in the UK, explains how motor designers can reduce losses in their machines to boost efficiency and thus limit CO2 emissions.

Managing the reliability of VSDs

01 June, 2018

Martin Richardson, ABB’s water framework manager for the UK, examines and assesses various approaches to maintenance to determine which is the most cost-effective for variable-speed drives.

The power of adaptive programming

01 May, 2018

You may not be familiar with the term, “adaptive programming”. But, as Andy Preston, ABB’s UK drives product manager, explains, it can be a lifesaver in some VSD applications, helping to resolve technical challenges and to cut costs.

Don’t forget the installation basics

01 April, 2018

Poor installation is often to blame for VSDs failing in service. Andy Preston, ABB’s drives product manager in the UK, runs through some of the common reasons for VSD failures – and offers suggestions for avoiding such failures.

Think before you buy energy-saving equipment

23 April, 2013

Before installing energy-saving drives and high-efficiency motors, you need to examine carefully the system in which they will be used. Frank Griffith, a drives consultant with ABB in the UK, offers advice on what to look for.

Harmonic filters – where size matters

23 February, 2013

Frank Griffith, a consultant engineer with ABB in the UK, looks at some of the factors that affect the sizing of harmonic filters for drives. Griffith has extensive experience of designing drive systems with several pioneering designs to his name. He is an MIET and and a lecturer on drives topics

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