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22 February, 2024

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Software guides technicians through cabinet assembly

21 November, 2022

Eplan has announced an app that guides technicians step-by-step through the installation of components into cabinets, showing them where each component should be installed. Supported by 3D visualisation, the Eplan Smart Mounting software can even show inexperienced technicians where to place components.

The software, unveiled at the SPS show, provides a complete list of all the work steps needed. It starts with the mounting of DIN rails and cable ducts, for example, and ends with components such as auxiliary switches and timing relays. The Web-based application doesn’t need to be installed and can run on a tablet computer on the shop floor.

The relevant engineering information – such as dimensions, positioning, drill holes and the type of fastening needed for each component – is drawn from a digital twin in Eplan’s Pro Panel software. Technicians can enter comments about components and send them back to the engineering department so that the documentation is always up-to-date, and improving communications between departments.

Changes to a project can be implemented rapidly. If, for instance, a customer alters the specifications to add a motor circuit breaker or contactor, the production order can be updated. The software shows components that need to be removed or added. Tedious manual comparisons of documents are avoided, saving time and ensuring correct results.

Eplan says that the software also gives production managers also a better overview and more flexibility – they can see the status of production orders at a glance. The assembly progress for each component is colour-coded: green means completed; red means yet to be processed. If there are resource bottlenecks or downtime, an order that has already been started can be passed on easily to another employee. In addition, personnel resources can be used more flexibly for different production steps.

Eplan’s software guides technicians through the entire control cabinet assembly process.

Similar interfaces for Eplan Smart Mounting and Eplan Smart Wiring, and the digital twin from Eplan Pro Panel, ensure end-to-end data consistency. Data from Eplan Pro Panel can be used for cabling. The software is also compatible with automatic wire assembly machines such as Rittal’s Wire Terminal WT. Prefabricated wires can be used. The aim, says Eplan, is to achieve the highest degree of automation from initial engineering to manufacturing, while maintaining quality.

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