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24 June, 2024

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Per cycle energy monitoring is built into servodrives

19 January, 2024

The German drive and automation specialist Baumüller has developed a smart energy monitoring function which can be incorporated into its servodrives, allowing users to analyse energy consumption per cycle without needing external hardware, thus saving both space and costs of wiring and hardware.

The software function can be used to record the energy consumption of individual production orders. It can determine the energy consumption for the complete system and for each individual axis on a per cycle basis. It also serves as a starting value for detecting deterioration in production processes and for setting warning or error thresholds.

The data collected not only serves to analyse energy consumption, but can also be used to improve efficiency, allowing energy consumption to be reduced in a targeted manner.

The software measures the energy consumption of individual production steps and then optimises the energy use based on a reference measurement. It also provides an initial value for detecting energy changes in production processes. Warning and error thresholds can be set on the basis of these values.

The energy-monitoring function is integrated into the softdrivePLC software that runs on Baumüller’s b maXX servodrives and can be operated via a manufacturer-independent control system. The energy measurements are carried out autonomously in real time.

Software running on a higher-level PLC can analyse the measured values and calculate, among other things, the actual energy consumption per cycle for each axis and across all axes. These values can then be displayed by the machine’s visualisation system.

Alternatively, the results can be transmitted via open IoT interfaces, such as OPC UA, and shown on a dashboard. A higher-level Baumüller controller can process the energy values and create a reference that can be used to compare subsequent cycles based on defined threshold values.

Baumüller’s smart energy monitoring function can measure and optimise the energy consumption of each axis per cycle. The diagram shows a conventional method for determining drive energy consumption (left) and Baumüller’s alternative (right), based on software running on the drive
Image: Baumüller

The information collected by the energy monitor can also be used to detect wear and tear, thus avoiding machine downtime. It allows maintenance work to be planned and performed more efficiently.

Displaying the energy consumption per production item makes it easier to calculate costs and determine the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).

The energy-monitoring software can be retrofitted to existing drives, allowing machine-builders to promote it as an extra function.

Baumüller offers other drive-integrated software packages such as condition monitoring, and motion packages for cross-cutter functions.

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