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26 May, 2024

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Hygienic IE5+ gear-motor ‘has highest efficiency available’

12 March, 2021

The German motors and drives manufacturer Nord Drivesystems has announced a family of high-efficiency motors, inverters and gear-motors designed to be used individually or in combination to achieve high levels of efficiency, especially in demanding applications such as hygienic installations in the intralogistics, food and pharmaceutical sectors. The family includes an IE5+ gear-motor claimed to have the highest efficiency in its power class.

The members of the family include:
• an Ethernet-compatible, plug-and-play decentralised inverter in ratings up to 1kW, designed to be mounted directly on motors;
• a size 90 IE5+ efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor in ventilated or smooth versions in power ratings from 1.1–4kW, and continuous torque ratings from 6.8–18.2Nm; and
• and the IE5+ motor integrated with a single-stage helical gearbox to produce a compact, high-power-density, low-noise gear-motor aimed at applications where hygienic washdowns are required.

The Nordac On decentralised inverter is aimed, in particular, at horizontal conveyor applications in warehouses. There are plans for two versions, each in three sizes: the Nordac On is intended for use with asynchronous motors; while the Nordac On+ is designed to be used with synchronous motors and complements the new IE5+ motors. Both have built-in Ethernet interfaces and can be used on ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP or EtherCat networks.

All connections are pluggable and ensure quick, easy and error-minimising commissioning and maintenance. There is a diagnostic interface and four digital inputs. The Nordac On+ has an additional protocol-based encoder interface. If not mounted on a motor, the inverters can be wall-mounted.

Built-in PLCs can process data from sensors and actuators, initiate control sequences autonomously, and communicate drive and application data to a control centre, networked components or cloud storage. This allows continuous condition monitoring and can form the basis for predictive maintenance.

The new inverters are expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2021, initially in two sizes. Options will include the nsd tupH protective surface treatment, functional safety (STO), and internal braking resistors for dynamic start/stop processes.

The new size 90 IE5+ motors follow last year’s launch of size 71 models. They have much lower losses than IE4 motors, a wide torque range, and high efficiencies at partial loads. They can be attached directly as well as offering Nema or IEC attachment options.

Constant torque capabilities reduce the number of variants needed to cover a wide speed range, cutting costs and resulting in rapid paybacks, according to Nord. The IE5+ synchronous motors can be combined with the company’s modular gearbox and drive electronics components to provide matched systems from a single source. Options include built-in rotary encoders and mechanical brakes.

The IE5+ synchronous motors are also available in the same housing as a single-stage helical gearbox to produce a compact, high-power-density, low-noise gear-motor aimed, in particular, at the intralogistics, food and pharmaceutical sectors, where hygienic washdowns are required.

Members of Nord’s new high-efficiency family including (from left): the Nordac On decentralised inverter; the Duo-Drive gear-motor; and an IE5+ motor with gearbox

The gear-motors, called DuoDrive, have an efficiency of up to 92% – claimed to be the highest for a gear/motor combination in their power class. They maintain high efficiencies at partial loads, and are more efficient than Nord’s LogiDrive system, which combines an IE5+ synchronous motor with a Nordbloc.1 bevel gearbox.

The gear-motors have a smooth, unventilated design. Because they are corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and washdown-capable, they can be used in hygiene-sensitive and harsh environments, ensuring high system availability with low cleaning costs.

The first available DuoDrive model covers gear ratios from 3.24 to 16.2 and is designed for torque ratings of up to 80Nm and speeds of up to 1,000 rpm.

By eliminating various wearing parts, maintenance is said to be reduced. This, combined with simple plug-and-play commissioning, is claimed to cut the total cost of ownership compared to competing drive systems.

The new gear-motor is compatible with Nord’s drive electronics and can be equipped with 20–40mm hollow shafts, B5 or B14 flanges, or a torque arm. Motor connections can be made using Harting Han connectors, M12 round plugs, or direct wiring.

Nord Drivesystems: Twitter  LinkedIn

A ventilated version of Nord’s IE5+ synchronous motor

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