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31 May, 2023

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VW’s 150kW, 310Nm EV drive ‘will fit in a sportsbag’

22 November, 2019

Volkswagen has revealed details of the electric motor technology it has developed to drive its new generation of all-electric vehicles, starting with the ID.3 vehicle which has recently entered production. The EVs will be powered by permanent magnet brushless machines, with the drive and gearbox operating in parallel with the axle.

The compact machines – which are small enough (including their gearboxes) to fit in a sportsbag – will weigh around 90kg and can generate peak outputs of up to 150kW, and a maximum torque of 310Nm.

A novel hairpin technology has enabled an innovative process for assembling the stator, in which the spaces in the stator’s laminated core are filled optimally with flat, pre-formed copper coils. This increases the torque density and the efficiency of the motor compared to those using wound copper wire coils.

Volkswagen’s hairpin technology increases the efficiency and torque density of its permanent magnet, brushless EV motors.

VW plans to make up to 500,000 of the integrated drives in Germany each year for the European and North American markets. They will also be produced in China and the two plants will together deliver up to 1.4 million electric drives each year from 2023 onwards, making VW one of the world’s largest manufacturers of EV drives. The group has committed €60bn to developing and manufacturing its EV technologies and plans to roll out 75 pure-electric models and 60 hybrid vehicles over the coming decade.

Volkswagen's integrated 150kW drivetrain is small enough to fit into a sportsbag.

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