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19 May, 2024

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Compact VSDs boost efficiencies by ‘up to 6%’ over other drives

23 October, 2019

Omron has announced a compact drive with “advanced” on-board motor control algorithms that, it claims, can increase drive efficiencies by up to 6%, compared to conventional drives, when used with asynchronous motors, and by up to 2% with permanent magnet motors. The Q2V drive, available in ratings from 0.1–30kW, can be used with induction, permanent magnet or synchronous reluctance motors.

The Q2V includes dedicated energy-saving functions for applications where the loads have variable- or reduced-torque characteristics. These functions optimise energy savings automatically, achieving energy savings claimed to be up to 50%.

The drives offer v/f or sensorless vector control, with speed and torque control in open-loop applications. Special functions are included to drive pumps and fans in the most efficient way.

The drive has been designed for easy commissioning. All of its inputs and outputs have screwless terminals, and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) filters, braking transistors and STO (Safety Torque Off) functions are built in. An “intelligent” set-up application guides users through parameter settings.

The drive has a dual rating for normal- or heavy-duty operation, allowing it to be used with motors of different ratings, depending on the load characteristics. It can supply around 20% more output current when driving variable-torque applications compared to standard constant-torque systems. Users can customise the drive to their requirements using application wizards.

Graphical drag-and-drop tools allow users to develop their own programs and to keep their know-how in-house. An app called Q2app is available for setting up and monitoring the drives via mobile devices.

An app is available for setting up and monitoring Omron's Q2V drives from mobile devices

The drive is protected against dust and humidity and is designed to operate for ten years in temperatures up to 50°C, without needing any maintenance. The Q2V can track and record operating data on a local SD card, or send it to IT systems via Omron’s NX/NJ controllers.

The drives are available in single-phase, 200V versions from 0.1–4kW, three-phase, 200V versions from 0.1–22kW and, three-phase, 400V versions from 0.37–30kW. Communications options include Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, Profinet and Powerlink.

“With the new Q2V, manufacturers, integrators and machine-builders can guarantee a smooth installation and trouble-free operation,” says Omron’s European drive product marketing manager, Alberto Fuentes.

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