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25 May, 2024

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Hannover Fair 2015 exclusive show report

09 June, 2015

UK-based Ubisense launched a module for its Smart Factory system that uses an accurate location technology to remove the need for barcodes or similar identification systems, thus making assembly lines more flexible. Another new module automates traditional manual tool identification tasks, and frees tools and their operators from workstations.

Weidmüller has two new safety modules for its u-remote remote I/O system. The 4DI/4DO and 8DI modules, which connect via ProfiSafe or FailSafe over Ethercat (FSoE), can switch off plant components selectively. Users can keep an eye on the status of their plant or machine via a Web server and, even after triggering an emergency stop, it is still possible to call up a plant’s status, allowing rapid restarts. E-stop circuits and light curtains can be connected to the modules’ inputs, while their outputs can control contactors and motors via a switching amplifier.  


ABB has completed its range of manual motor starters with the new MS165 model (below) which takes ratings up to 30kW (400V, 65A). Integrated differentiation between thermal and magnetic trips reduces troubleshooting and downtime. Accessories such as auxiliary contacts, under-voltage releases and shunt trips are harmonised across the range, simplifying stock-keeping. The 55mm-wide MS165 is suitable for single- and three-phase applications.

The new Fena-21 safety fieldbus adapter from ABB is said to simplify the design of larger safety systems based on its AC500-S PLC. An encoder-less plug-in module (FSO-12) provides safety up to SIL 3 and Pl e, and supports safety functions including SLS, SS1 and SBC.

Block claims to be offering the world’s first certified (Enec and VDE) failsafe transformer for 230V and 400V input voltages. The input side is protected against short-circuits or overloads, avoiding the need for additional protection.

Block also had a new range of isolation transformers available in combinations of control and safety, or control and isolating, transformers, with power ratings from 1–25kVA. The slimline TT1 transformers offer efficiencies of up to 98%.

Danfoss is offering its MCD 500 softstarter with an integrated bypass that allows switchover to DoL (direct-on-line) operation after an initial soft-start. By running partially DoL, losses are reduced and there is less need to dissipate heat. The device takes up less space than a soft-start with an external contactor, and payback time claimed to be “usually just a matter of months”.

Among the many new arrivals on the Phoenix Contact stand were: a high-current terminal block (called Power-Turn) for conductors from 35–150mm2, that offers the choice of making connections either using a screwdriver and lever, or inserting the conductors directly using a push-in connection (shown below); a compact marshalling system (called PTRV) claimed to achieve 20% higher packing densities, and allowing the colours of the connection points to be chosen freely from 11 colours; and a new generation of Trio single- and three-phase power supplies with output currents from 3–20A and a power boost function that can start difficult loads with 150% of nominal current for 5s.

Pilz is extending its PSENlock safety gate system with two new variants: one offers expanded diagnostics, allowing users to detect where a guard locking device has not been activated – due to contamination, for example; the other allows OSSD (output signal switching device) outputs to be switched independently from the guard locking device, giving more design flexibility.

Rittal was demonstrating its modular Ri4Power 185mm system which makes it easy to tailor power distribution installations to suit an application. The system, which complies with IEC 61439 for LV switchgear assemblies, can be used with Rittal’s TS8 bayed enclosures. The company has also added an Ri4Power 185mm module to the latest version (6.3) of its Power Engineering software.

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