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21 April, 2024

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Wimes motors are designed for the UK water industry

08 April, 2015

ABB has announced a range of low-voltage motors designed specifically to comply with the latest version of the UK water industry’s Wimes (Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification) standard. Wimes 3.03 issue 6, created by The Pump Centre and 17 UK water companies, was issued in October 2014 and defines the mechanical and electrical requirements for equipment used in the industry.

ABB worked with the developers to produce a range of motors that, it says, exceed the Wimes requirements. The totally-enclosed fan-cooled motors are available in cast-iron frame sizes from 80 to 450 and aluminium frame sizes from 80 to 180, rated from 0.75kW–1MW. They come in IE3 and IE4 efficiency versions.

There is also new range of medium-voltage motors for the water industry in ratings from 200kW–2MW and frame size from 355 to 560.

The motors are protected against the conditions found in water and wastewater applications, with adaptations ranging from stainless-steel nameplates, to frames made of robust cast-iron with a surface treatment that provides C3M corrosion tolerance to ISO 12944-2: 2007. V-ring seals and labyrinth seals protect the shafts and internal components.

A cutaway view of an ABB Wimes-compliant motor

PTC thermistors in the windings protect the motor against overheating, while the cooling fans are optimised for low noise and protected from impact damage by a steel cover. For extra protection, larger motors are fitted with PT100 temperature sensors in their windings, as stipulated by Wimes. The winding insulation is suitable for inverter-duty applications (415V), with insulated bearings where required, making the motors suitable for use on VSD–controlled applications such as pumps, fans and compressors. Heating elements in the windings help to protect the motors from the effects of condensation.

The new ABB water and wastewater motors can be identified by a Wimes-compliant logo on their bodies.

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