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26 May, 2024

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IE5 reluctance motors add liquid-cooled and hazardous area types

21 November, 2022

ABB has expanded its SynRM family of synchronous reluctance motors with two new models – one with liquid cooling, the other for hazardous areas – both boasting IE5 efficiency levels. ABB says the motors have up to 40% lower energy losses than IE3 motors and 20% lower losses than IE4 motors.

The new liquid-cooled SynRM motors span power ratings from 55–600kW in frame sizes 200–315. They are much smaller than IE3 asynchronous motors of the same power rating. Compact versions with efficiency classes IE2 to IE4 are also available.

The smaller size of the liquid-cooled motors makes them easier to integrate in retrofits, and results in machines that are easier to transport. They operate quietly and their rotors generate less heat than standard machines, extending bearing lives. Low maintenance requirements, combined with capabilities such as grease drains on the bearings and rotating terminal boxes, are said to cut operating costs.

The new synchronous reluctance motors for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, where flammable gases and dust may be present, have outputs of 5.5–315kW and frame sizes of 132–315.

ABB’s synchronous reluctance motors are available in two new ranges with IE5 efficiencies

SynRM motors need to be used with matching drives and are suitable for retrofit applications. The IE5 machines are the same size as IE2 asynchronous motors, so no mechanical modifications are needed when replacing conventional motors.

• At SPS, ABB also announced a range of High Power Density (HDP) motors in frame sizes from 80–400, and variants including water-cooled and high-speed versions. Machine-builders can take advantage of the motors’ high power densities in two ways: they can retrofit existing machines with more powerful motors as drop-in replacements; or they can use a smaller, but equally powerful, HDP motor to save space in new machines.

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