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17 May, 2024

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Compact PLC offers Ethernet and analogue I/O

16 August, 2013

Mitsubishi Electric has released a compact PLC with embedded Ethernet facilities, two analogue inputs (0-10V DC or 4-20mA) and an analogue output (0-10V DC or 4-20mA). It says that these facilities will open up the Melsec FX3GE CPU to a wider range of applications than other models in the FX3G family.

The new CPU incorporates a two-axis positioning capability with a dedicated inverter protocol, and the ability to set two user keywords for secure access. It also includes high-speed counters and interrupts for system feedback and control, and a choice of 24 or 40 I/O, expandable up to 256 I/O.

The embedded Ethernet capability can be used for remote monitoring, maintenance, and sharing data with HMIs and higher-level systems. It also adds the facility for Web-based data monitoring, allowing users to read PLC information from any networked device via a standard Web browser.

The analogue I/O provide voltage or current inputs without needing expansion modules, thus cutting system costs.

Added Ethernet and analogue I/O: Mitsubishi's FX3GE CPU

These new function extend the reach of the Mitsubishi CPU into applications that would previously have needed expansion modules or higher base-cost PLCs. It can be used, for example, for food and beverage applications where flow control, level monitoring or pump control are needed.

The FX3GE provides standard FX3G functions, including USB and RS-422 ports, a large program memory, and high-speed processing. It can use all of the FX3’s expansion modules and adapters.

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