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25 May, 2024

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Drives-based automation system is ‘one of the fastest’

26 February, 2024

The German drives and automation supplier Baumüller says it is offering one of the fastest drive-integrated PLCs on the market with its new b maXX 6000 servodrives, which deliver field bus cycle times of up to 250µs. The b maXX PLC di drive-integrated controller can handle scalable control tasks up to high-performance synchronous multi-axis applications. It can replace central process loop controls because the PLC can also be used as EtherCat master for controlling other servo converters.

The PLC can be used to implement smart applications as well as providing movement control. A fast interface between PLC and servo-controller provides access to drive parameters such as voltage, current, power, torque, revolutions per minute, and position. Machine-builders can use their own control algorithms and IoT functions to offer added value to customers.

New IoT applications are possible using analogue high-speed inputs that do not need any additional hardware and offer minimum scanning times of 1μs. For example, mechanical vibration sensors can be attached directly to perform a vibration analysis on the drive’s PLC.

A new Linux-based IEC 61131 runtime environment, developed in-house by Baumüller, supports current high-level programming languages and IoT connections. It allows PLC programs to be coded using object-oriented programming, resulting in modular, reusable programs which reduce developer workloads, and increase flexibility. High-level programming languages such as C++ are also integrated into the platform.

The new runtime system is available for the b maXX PLC di from launch and will be available later for Baumüller’s other control platforms.

The new b maXX 6000 servo controllers support new safety functions for applications requiring dynamic, precise handling. Safety modules are integrated, allowing safety-relevant encoder signals to be analysed at a high resolution, helping to reduce machine cycle times.

The latest generation of Baumüller’s b maXX platform includes the 6300 side-by-side devices and 6500 mono units

As well as the space-saving b maXX 6300 side-by-side system, the mono devices (b maXX 6500) are also much smaller, reducing installation volumes, for smaller control cabinets.

Baumüller is also offering smart vibration-monitoring software that allows machine-builders to provide condition monitoring without needing external sensors. The software is integrated in the servo-controller using softdrivePLC, making it easy to retrofit and update.

The function uses previously recorded and analysed process parameters as reference values for monitoring items such as motors, fans or hydraulic pumps. The software detects vibrations, such as those created by imbalance or improper alignment, and sends an error signal, allowing planned maintenance to be carried out, preventing further damage.

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