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6 August, 2020

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Sinewave filter ‘solves inverter-driven motor issues’

12 April, 2013

The Canadian power quality specialist Mirus International has developed a technology that, it says, marks a substantial step in mitigating harmonic issues associated with inverter-driven motors. The Inversine AUSF (advanced universal sinewave filter) is designed to transform chopped-up PWM VFD output voltages into clean sinewaves with a THD (total harmonic distortion) of less than 3%.

Ethernet cable links IPCs to HMIs up to 100m away

12 April, 2013

At the recent Hannover Fair, Beckhoff announced a technology that allows an operator panel to be located up to 100m away from an industrial PC (IPC) and linked to it via standard Ethernet Cat 7 cable, thus cutting cabling and installation costs. The single-cable CP-Link 4 technology can carry DVI video signals, USB 2.0 serial communications and a 24V power supply, allowing the remote displays to be passive.

Tubular linear motors are ‘first’ with integrated controls

08 April, 2013

Dunkermotoren has developed what it claims is the first tubular linear motor with an integrated amplifier and controller, thus reducing and simplifying wiring. The efficient, low-maintenance ST11 motors are said to be faster than stepper motors with ballscrews and more precise than belt-drive systems.

3D profiler promises micron-level accuracy

22 March, 2013

Cognex has developed a 3D laser profiling system that provides readings in real units of measurement with micron-level accuracy, making 3D applications easier to understand and deploy. The system can perform inspections that would be too difficult for traditional two-dimensional machine vision systems.

Robots bend over backwards to reach new locations

20 March, 2013

Mitsubishi Electric has announced a new generation of vertical and horizontal robots, up to three of which can be controlled directly from modules mounted in an iQ PLC rack. The new Melfa F series includes six-axis vertical robots, claimed to have a larger working envelope than others of their type, and horizontal Scara-type machines, claimed to be the fastest in their class.

Sensor displays are programmable

19 March, 2013

Baumer has developed a programmable display for sensors and instruments that indicates relevant data quickly, and has a colour-coded background to show alarms and other states of alert. Initially, the IP67-protected devices are intended for use as temperature and pressure gauges, but they can also be used with other sensors with a 4–20mA output. Other versions are planned.

Laser instrument simplifies shaft alignments

18 March, 2013

Schaeffler has announced a handheld instrument that, it says, will allow faster, easier alignment of shafts in rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, gearboxes, fans and compressors.

Integrated linear actuator simplifies process applications

13 March, 2013

Festo has developed an intelligent linear actuator for process automation applications such as controlling knife gate valves and shut-off valves with regulated strokes, and for use with linear-actuated process valves. The DFPI actuator combines the functions of a linear actuator, a positioner and displacement encoder in an all-in-one cylindrical device that is easy to install.

Motion control joins Siemens' engineering framework

12 March, 2013

Hot on the heels of adding drives programming to its TIA Portal integrated engineering environment, Siemens is expanding the system further to support motion control functions. At the forthcoming Hannover Fair, it will be demonstrating how its Simotion motion control components can be designed, configured and commissioned via TIA Portal.

4mm micromotor delivers power from a standstill

03 March, 2013

The Swiss miniature motor specialist maxon motor has developed a 4mm-diameter brushless motor incorporating a gearhead which, it says, produces maximum power in the smallest possible space and can deliver power from a standstill – claimed to be unique for a motor of this size.

Encapsulated drive peripherals solve IP65 problem

02 March, 2013

REO has developed a range of encapsulated braking resistors, chokes and filters which, it says, solve the problem of using non-IP65 peripherals with IP65-protected drives.

Vibration meter fits in the hand

12 February, 2013

At the recent Southern Manufacturing show in the UK, Monitran launched a compact, handheld instrument for measuring machinery vibration and temperature levels. It says that the MTN/VM220 is ideal for detecting early signs of component wear or failure in motors, gearboxes, pumps and other mechanical assemblies.

Software collects plant data on one display

07 February, 2013

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced a new member of its Proficy software family – a dashboard called Proficy Vision that brings together Web-based content from other Proficy software software and third-party displays into one environment. By organising content in the context of the plant structure, the software delivers a single view of operations that can help to improve production.

Software modules ‘cut machine programming time by up to 75%’

04 February, 2013

Lenze’s Fast software, consisting of pre-configured modules that can handle up to 80% of machine software requirements, is now available to UK users. The software, first seen at last November’s SPS/IPC/Drives show in Germany, is claimed to cut programming time by up to 75%, not only saving money but also freeing up engineers to work on other tasks.

Functional safety architecture cuts costs for CNC machine-builders

04 February, 2013

NUM has released a scalable functional safety architecture for CNC applications that can be applied to almost any machine tool – regardless of its complexity or number of axes.

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