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23 February, 2024

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Stainless-steel IE4 geared motor is 'the world's first'

06 May, 2014

At the recent Hannover Fair, Bauer Gear Motor unveiled what it claims is the world's first modular, stainless-steel, IE4-efficiency geared motor. The new machine, based on Bauer’s permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and aseptic drive technologies, is said to combine the benefits of both and is suitable for use in hygiene-critical applications where frequent washdowns and the presence of people could damage specialist coatings.

Efficient drives are designed to be easy to set up and use

06 May, 2014

At the recent Hannover Fair, ABB announced a general-purpose drive designed to be simple to specify, commission, operate and maintain. The wall-mounting ACS580 drive is said to be “virtually plug-in-ready” and can be set up “in minutes”. It can be used to control pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers and other variable and basic constant-torque applications.

Multi-touch HMIs are ‘first with gesture controls’

06 May, 2014

Mitsubishi Electric has announced a new generation of HMIs which, it claims, are the first in the industrial sector to offer gesture controls. The GOT2000 series HMIs are around 20% cheaper than the previous GOT1000 generation, and have identical dimensions, making upgrades easy. Project data from the GOT1000 HMIs can be transferred to the new devices.

Flexible relay simplifies safety for up to five zones

06 May, 2014

Rockwell Automation claims that its latest safety relay will allow machine-builders to implement safety functions easily, while improving productivity. The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C CR30, which complies with PLe and SIL 3, is aimed at applications requiring four to nine safety circuits and control of up to five zones.

22mm brushless motor ‘delivers 50% more power’

06 May, 2014

Dunkermotoren, the German manufacturer of small motors, has developed a 22mm-diameter brushless DC motor which, it claims, produces up to 50% more power than similar-sized brushless motors. The three-phase, axial-flux motor weighs only 63 grams and is claimed to deliver “exceptional” power to size and weight ratios.

'First service-oriented drive cuts downtime by 20%'

17 April, 2014

Schneider Electric used the recent Drives & Controls Show in the UK to preview a new generation of variable-speed drives which it describes as its “first service-oriented, intelligent drives family”. The Altivar Process drives have been developed for manufacturing and process industry applications and are designed to help factory owners, plant managers and engineers to manage their processes better, and to ensure that they are performing as efficiently as possible.

Light grid can detect and sort parts to a resolution of 0.01mm

17 April, 2014

At the 2014 Hannover Fair, Balluff unveiled a light grid system that can detect objects with a resolution of 0.01mm and can be used to compare and sort items based on tiny differences in size. The BLA grid can also be used to perform presence and height checks on objects up to 50mm wide, over a range of up to 2m.

Positioning controllers can handle dynamic motors

16 April, 2014

The Swiss small motor specialist maxon motor has announced a compact EtherCat slave controller which, it says, offers “unprecedented possibilities as far as precision, dynamics, and synchronization are concerned”.

Linear axes have integrated inductive measuring system

16 April, 2014

The German bearing manufacturer Schaeffler has developed an integrated system for measuring the travel of linear axes in machine tools and other precision machinery. The LMSA (length measurement system analogue) uses an inductive measuring principle to achieve accuracies of ±3µm/m.

Cabinet and wall-mounting drives span ratings up to 160kW

15 April, 2014

CG Drives & Automation – the new name for the Swedish drives-maker formerly known as Emotron – has announced a series of AC drives optimised for mounting in electrical cabinets (IP20) or on control room walls (IP21). The drives are based on the IP54-rated Emotron FDU and VFX ranges.

Electric motors challenge diesel for fracking pumps

15 April, 2014

The American motor manufacturer Ward Leonard has developed a line of powerful AC induction motors designed to replace the diesel engines conventionally used to power fracking (hydraulic fracturing) pumps. The rugged 2,000–6,000hp (1.5–4.5MW) motors are designed for continuous-duty operation and for use with medium-voltage VFDs (variable frequency drives).

Compact control system combines relay and logic functions

07 April, 2014

Phoenix Contact has announced a programmable logic relay system that combines relay technology and logic functions in a single compact package. The modular PLC logic system is designed to provide control and switching functions for small automation tasks.

Technology can configure PLCs and machines remotely

06 April, 2014

The Swedish communications specialist HMS Industrial Networks has announced a technology that provides instant, secure communications with remote equipment, such as PLCs and machines. The Netbiter Remote Access system allows users to use their usual PLC configuration software – such as Rockwell RSLogix or Siemens TIA Portal – as if they were connected to the machine on site.

‘Groundbreaking’ HV motors make a Hannover debut

06 April, 2014

At this week’s Hannover Fair, ABB has launched a new generation of “groundbreaking” high-voltage, rib-cooled motors that combine compact dimensions, high power densities, high reliability and easy maintenance.

Quick-mount photo sensors can be installed in 10s

06 April, 2014

The German sensor-maker Sick has announced a family of photoelectric sensors that use a screwless mounting system that allows them to be installed or replaced in 10 seconds. The tough G10 sensors are available in adjustment-free versions that save further installation time and eliminate the risk of unintentional changes to the sensor settings.

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