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30 March, 2023

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MCC is ‘first’ to marry arc prevention and resistance

03 May, 2016

Eaton has announced an arc-resistant version of its FlashGard MCC (motor control centre) technology, designed to prevent arc flash events and to protect personnel if an arc flash occurs. Eaton claims that it is the first manufacturer to combine arc-preventative and arc-resistant technologies in one MCC.

WEG unveils its first geared motors to be developed in-house

26 April, 2016

The Brazilian motor-maker WEG has launched its first-ever range of geared motors using gearboxes designed in-house and carrying the WEG name. The WG20 modular geared motors, unveiled at the Hannover Fair this week, have been developed in collaboration with WEG’s Austrian subsidiary, the gear technology specialist Watt Drive, which it bought in 2011.

Next-generation safety laser scanner has 275-degree field

18 April, 2016

The German sensing specialist Sick has announced a next-generation safety laser scanner that uses using a patented scanning technology, said to improve productivity and safety. The microScan3 has an unusually wide scanning angle of 275 degrees, an object resolution down to 30mm, a protective field range of up to 5.5m, and a warning field range of up to 40m.

Siemens’ smallest-ever drive is 68mm wide

15 April, 2016

Siemens has announced its smallest-ever frequency converter – a 68mm-wide and 142mm-high device for ratings up to 0.75kW. The latest addition to the Sinamics V20 family is available in two depths: an 108mm-deep version (FS AA frame size) in 0.12, 0.25 and 0.37kW ratings; and a 128mm-deep version (FS AB frame size) in 0.55 and 0.75kW ratings, for single-phase 230V operation. The new drives will be unveiled at the Hannover Fair this month.

Low-cost modular motors cut delivery times 'by weeks’

05 April, 2016

ABB has announced a range of large modular induction motors with delivery times that, it claims, are several weeks shorter than those for more highly specified machines. The low-cost NMI motors, spanning ratings from 315kW to 8MW in frame sizes 400–630, are aimed at safe-area pump and fan applications that do not need highly specified motors.

Cognex expands into mobile terminals with phone-based system

04 April, 2016

The machine vision market-leader and barcode reader specialist, Cognex, has expanded into a new product area – rugged mobile terminals – which, it says, offer a “revolutionary” way of performing tasks such as inventory management, logistics and field service.

Acquisition leads to launch of 49 robots in three families

30 March, 2016

Following Omron’s $200m acquisition last year of the US robot-maker Adept, a newly-formed business, Omron Adept Technologies, is launching a total of 49 industrial robots in 39 countries around the world.

Handheld 'scope shows the most relevant readings

29 March, 2016

Fluke has announced what it claims is the first handheld oscilloscope with an “intelligent” measurement detection function that displays the most relevant measurement value automatically. The ScopeMeter 120B instrument is designed to improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of troubleshooting electromechanical systems.

Dual-role industrial controller simplifies machine safety

11 March, 2016

Rockwell Automation has announced a machine controller that combines safety and motion functions on a single EtherNet/IP network. It says that the Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix 5370 controller will make it easier to design safety into machines with up to 16 axes, and will result in simpler system architectures.

Simple controllers add safety CPU and energy monitoring

10 March, 2016

Siemens has added new modules and functions to its Simatic S7-1200 family of Basic Controllers, including a new CPU for failsafe applications in the lower power range, and a module that records energy flows on machines. In addition, the controllers’ firmware has been updated with extra functions including support for the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) and a backup/restore function.

Ethernet switches cut configuration times by ‘up to 90%’

09 March, 2016

The Taiwanese automation specialist Advantech has announced the first managed industrial Ethernet switch to support a new device management technology, called IXM, that allows users to assign a fixed range of IP address to many devices at the same time, and to copy the same switch configuration simultaneously to many switches. The company claims that the technology will cut configuration times by up to 90%, as well as preventing mistakes.

Gravity conveyor speed controller uses eddy current brakes

08 March, 2016

The Swiss materials-handling specialist Interroll has developed what it claims is the world's first device that uses a built-in eddy current brake to control the speed of gravity roller conveyors. It says that the easy-to-install, maintenance- and wear-free MSC 50 magnetic speed controller is a response to the demand for more efficient and cost-effective materials-handling systems.

Control system is ‘first’ with built-in fieldbus diagnostics

07 March, 2016

Siemens has announced what it claims is the first control system with integrated fieldbus diagnostics. Its Simatic AFDiSD “active field distributor” provides extended fieldbus diagnostics for Profibus PA installations operating under its Simatic PCS 7 process control system. Siemens says this will allow faster plant start-ups and rapid identification of bus interruptions.

New-generation servos are smaller, lighter and faster

04 March, 2016

Panasonic has announced a new generation of servodrives with a velocity response of 3.2kHz, resulting in faster reaction times. There is also a news series of matching servomotors, with built-in 23-bit encoders, which are claimed to be 30% shorter and 10% lighter than their predecessors.

Combined thermal imager and clamp meter spots faults

03 March, 2016

The thermal imaging specialist Flir has announced what it claims is the world’s first combined thermal imager and clampmeter. The Flir CM174’s thermal camera guides the user to hotspots and pinpoints temperature anomalies, which they can then investigate using the 600A AC/DC clampmeter.  

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