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25 May, 2024

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New-generation cycloidal gears deliver 30% more torque

27 February, 2024

Sumitomo Drive Technologies has released a new generation of its E Cyclo (ECY) precision cycloidal shaft gears with higher torque densities and modular plug-and-play connectors that fit any motor. It claims that the ECY 203 and ECY 205 gearboxes deliver at least 30% more rated torque, acceleration torque, and emergency stop torque, compared to previous models. The maximum drive speed is up to 8,500 rpm.

Internal cylindrical roller bearings result in both high rigidity and high performance in a compact envelope. The cylindrical bearings can transmit the radial force better than ball bearings. Sumitomo says that the ECY gears’ torsional stiffness is around double that of other shaft gears of a similar size, and that the gears are ideal for precision applications with maximum repeat accuracy.

The modular motor connection system allows the gears to be fitted to any motor, resulting in short delivery times. Sumitomo has also extended this plug-and-play approach to its Fine Cyclo DA and UA gears.

Sumitomo has enhanced the internal structure of the sealed ECY gears while maintaining the same gear principle and external dimensions. The gears have hollow shafts with an inside diameter of up to 25.5mm for passing cables or media. The new generation is available in two versions with acceleration torques of up to 107Nm and 84mm outer diameters.

A cutaway view of Sumitomo’s latest ECY cycloidal gearbox

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