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21 February, 2024

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CIP Motion demo synchronises 16 axes via Ethernet

01 December, 2005

CIP Motion demo synchronises 16 axes via Ethernet

At the recent SPS/IPC/Drives show in Nuremberg, Rockwell Automation was demonstrating an array of 16 servo drives being controlled in a tightly synchronised manner using the new CIP Motion protocol running over standard Ethernet cable.

CIP Motion is a real-time, deterministic, closed-loop motion control technology for multi-axis controller-to-controller synchronisation and controller-to-drive communications. The network is being developed by ODVA - the organisation formerly known as the Open DeviceNet Vendors` Association - and is based on CIP, the Common Industrial Protocol, which is the upper-level networking protocol used by DeviceNet and Ethernet I/P.

In the Nuremberg demonstration, discs attached to the rotors of a 4 x 4 array of servomotors formed a series of apparently stationary patterns when illuminated by a controller-driven strobe light. The axes were synchronised using Ethernet/IP running over unmodified Ethernet, which was also carrying other data including video signals. The Ethernet switching was being performed by standard Hirschmann devices.

CIP Motion is due to reach the market during 2006. It will synchronise 100 axes in 1ms with ±100ns of jitter, and will be able to share the network bandwidth with automation and office devices using standard Ethernet switches.

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