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22 June, 2024

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Motor-monitoring device checks 400 parameters

16 January, 2024

Omron has launched a motor condition-monitoring device that automates the detection of abnormalities in servomotors or induction motors that change speed or load rapidly. By analysing more than 400 parameters derived from current and voltage measurements, the K7DD-PQ device can detect failure modes such as worn blades, chip entanglement, or deteriorating bearings. It eliminates the need to rely on the experience and senses of skilled workers, reduces inspection efforts, and avoids unexpected equipment failures.

As well as monitoring rotating machines, the device can also be used to check non-rotating applications such as solenoid valves.

It captures mechanical errors in rotating machines by measuring the voltage and current being drawn by a machine and converting them to derived values such as power and harmonics. It uses these values to explore the correlation between the data and changes in the motor conditions.

A high-speed (2.5μs) sampling technology is said to capture even the most fleeting anomalies, while its six-channel simultaneous/continuous capability processes data without any omissions or deviations.

The device can detect anomalies in motors caused by gaps between the rotor and stator, or by changes in torque. It offers self-contained condition monitoring, eliminating the need for complex installations or for cloud-based systems. It can be retrofitted to control panels to provide local monitoring and immediate detection of any anomalies.

Omron’s motor monitor is designed to prevent unexpected failures by examining difficult-to-measure failure modes

The monitor is said to keep pace with variable-speed equipment, reducing inspection workloads. It simplifies data analysis by choosing the appropriate parameters automatically and setting thresholds, and using these to identify various failure modes and their root causes.

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