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30 May, 2024

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ABB and Microsoft bring generative AI to industry

10 July, 2023

ABB is collaborating with Microsoft to integrate the Azure OpenAI generative AI technology into ABB’s Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI suite, leading to safer, smarter and more sustainable industrial operations. They say the integrated platform could provide real-time actionable insights for better decision-making and improved productivity, extending asset lifespans by up to 20% and cutting unplanned downtime by up to 60%.

The companies will work together to implement generative AI to help industrial users to unlock insights hidden in their operational data. They believe that the improved data collection and handling will lead to significant gains in efficiency and productivity, asset reliability and safety, as well as cutting energy consumption and environmental impacts.

ABB plans to integrate generative AI technologies – including large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 – into its Genix platform and applications, to provide functions such as code, image and text generation. Once launched, the new application – called Genix Copilot – will streamline the flow of contextualised data across processes and operations.

In addition, the application will help users to achieve sustainability and energy transition objectives by providing advanced monitoring and optimisation of their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Genix Copilot will also be able to capture operators’ knowledge and to facilitate collaborative decision-making across various roles, safeguarding data and knowledge within an enterprise.

“This is an important step in ABB and Microsoft’s strategic partnership which will accelerate the digital transformation of the industrial sector,” says Rajesh Ramachandran, global chief digital officer for ABB Process Automation. “We believe Genix Copilot will help industrial customers achieve their combined objectives of sustainability, operational excellence and enhanced asset performance. Extending the generative AI capabilities across ABB’s industrial digital solutions will usher customers into a new era of AI enabling billions of better decisions.”

“We believe organisations that will be best positioned for long-term success are those that modernise and scale their data platforms,” adds Ralph Haupter, president of Microsoft’s EMEA region. “Applying advanced digital capabilities such as Azure OpenAI Service will strengthen ABB’s Genix to effectively manage the contextualised data, while also helping drive the digital transformation critical for growth and lasting change.”

ABB and Microsoft say their collaboration will lead to safer, smarter and more sustainable industrial operations

ABB’s Ability Genix is a modular industrial IoT, analytics and AI platform that embeds industry-specific domain knowledge and protects existing investments. Businesses running Genix are claimed to have achieved operations and maintenance cost savings of up to 40%, production efficiency improvements of up to 30%, and energy and emission optimisation improvements of up to 25%. Adding generative AI capabilities is expected to enhance these benefits.

Genix automates the contextual integration of operations (OT), information (IT) and engineering (ET) data across enterprises and applies industrial AI for advanced analytics and optimisation. It can scale from asset to plants, to complete enterprises. It can be deployed across the cloud, hybrid, edge or on-premises.

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