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25 May, 2024

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UK manufacturers announce their first net-zero roadmap

22 November, 2021

Make UK, the organisation that represents British manufacturers, has released the first roadmap to achieving net-zero in the UK manufacturing sector. UK manufacturers are committing to cut direct emissions generated by manufacturing processes and by indirect emissions from purchased energy by 67% by the end of this decade, putting them in line with the 1.5°C Paris Agreement goal. They also believe they can achieve net-zero by 2050, as long as they have the support and help to create the right business environment.

Make UK has developed the plan in partnership with energy and sustainability advisor, Inspired Energy, and in consultation with its members. The roadmap, which aims to encourage companies to take steps towards cutting their carbon footprints, sets out milestones to achieving net-zero by 2050.

The manufacturers have also committed to support their suppliers and customers to achieve net-zero and to cut their value chain emissions. These are likely to constitute the bulk of the emissions for the sector and, because they are not under the businesses’ control, they are difficult to manage. The manufacturers have also pledged to offer net -zero products in the future to help drive the reduction.

The Manufacturing Sector Net-Zero Roadmap report released by Make UK also outlines how companies will contribute to the establishment of four low-carbon industrial clusters by 2030, and the decarbonisation of mini-clusters at dispersed sites. The step-by-step plan reflects the targets set by the UK Government and other industry sectors, establishing milestones to ensure businesses stay on track and pick up the pace required for the complex journey to decarbonising factory production processes and energy consumption.

“The release of the first roadmap to net-zero for the overall manufacturing sector marks the start of an exciting journey, with its challenges but also many rewards ahead,” says Make UK CEO, Stephen Phipson. “I am very proud that our members have not hesitated to take up the challenge and are bold in their vision, and at the same time wanting to align with the bigger picture and collaborate with key stakeholders.

“There is a mountain ahead to climb,” he warns, “but I look forward to seeing the progress which I have no doubt will demonstrate over again the creativity and resilience of our sector and its importance to our economy, now and in future.”

According to Andrew Stubbs, Inspired Energy’s director of compliance and reporting services, the UK’s goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 “is a massive undertaking, and manufacturing is a key area where transformation can happen”.

The Make UK report sets out a roadmap for the UK manufacturing sector achieving net-zero emissions by 2050

Professor Steve Evans from Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing, who worked on the development of the net-zero roadmap, adds: “You will find a massively important consensus across all sub-sectors on the need for ambitious targets to be set now to ensure action is taken in the short term. These manufacturers want to start on this new journey with hope for the opportunities it can bring, as well as travelling with trepidation for the many challenges that we need to work together to solve.”

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