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30 May, 2024

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Laser shaft alignment system ‘saves energy and cuts downtime’

05 November, 2021

Schaeffler has announced a tool for aligning rotating shafts which, it says, is particularly easy to use and results in precise shaft alignments. Unlike other laser-based alignment tools which need two laser beams to be aligned with each other, the new Laser-Equilign2 tool uses only one laser/sensor device and a reflector. The single laser is simply aligned with the reflector, making it easier to use, saving time and resulting in precise measurements.

If the shafts in pumps, compressors or gearboxes are not aligned accurately, temperatures can rise in couplings, bearings, grease and motors, and the machines consume more energy. The additional friction can lead to increased wear, possibly even causing the shafts to fracture or systems and machines to fail completely.

According to Schaeffler, around 60% of all unplanned downtime is due to imbalance and misalignments.

Laser technology is one of the most precise methods for aligning rotating shafts and thus avoiding unplanned machine downtime.

The new tool’s single-laser technology allows it to be deployed quickly and precisely. A non-verbal user interface with an 8” TFT display and capacitive touchscreen (which can be operated wearing gloves) is said to result in intuitive, user-friendly operation. Four-point measurements result in accuracies.

Schaeffler says that its single-laser shaft alignment tool will improve energy efficiency and cut maintenance costs and downtime

By reducing maintenance times, the alignment tool is said to cut downtime. It also reduces the amount of repair work resulting from imbalances. Schaeffler suggests that if an aligned machine uses just 1% less energy, it could result in annual electricity cost savings of several thousand pounds in some installations.

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