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19 June, 2024

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Monitoring service predicts when gearboxes might fail

01 February, 2021

SEW-Eurodrive has launched a condition-monitoring service for industrial gearboxes that records and evaluates operating data from the boxes and allows users to plan their maintenance and repair activities to avoid potential problems.

The DriveRadar service, which is available for SEW’s Generation X.e helical and bevel-helical gearboxes, records and evaluates gearbox operating data, and predicts possible problems. The service monitors an array of sensors continuously and records variables such as ambient and oil temperatures, input speeds, oil levels, and vibrations in the gearboxes’ rolling bearings and the gears themselves.

An edge processor stores and consolidates this data. It sends the measured values in an encrypted form, via a mobile phone network, to SEW’s data centre, where they are evaluated and interpreted.

A Web application called the DriveRadar IoT Suite allows users to view the status of all of their monitored gearboxes, as well as the processed data. They can also be notified of any status changes via a smartphone app.

SEW’s DriveRadar IoT Suite software allows users to view the status of their gearboxes

Users can monitor the status of individual rolling bearings and their components (outer rings, inner rings and rolling elements) or receive predictions of when the next oil change is due, for example. They can thus plan their gearbox maintenance and repair programmes to avoid possible failures.

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