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19 May, 2024

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Tool gives an instant diagnosis of Profibus problems

07 December, 2020

Procentec, the Dutch developer of industrial communications diagnostics products, has announced a tool that analyses live data on Profibus networks and gives instant diagnoses of the most likely cause of any faults. The Snap Analysis tool eliminates the need to interpret complicated oscilloscope images and messages.

Snap uses a predictive algorithm to recognise and learn from data patterns, enabling it to predict common network faults. It “takes all the guesswork out of troubleshooting device issues and enables preventative measures to be taken,” explains Procentec’s CEO, Pieter Barendrecht. “It’s a wonderful example of upgrading diagnostics with the help of AI.”

Snap – an add-on for Procentec’s existing Osiris software – is one of ten diagnostic and monitoring tools that Procentec has launched to make life easier for field technicians and cut the costs of maintaining single and mixed architecture industrial networks.

“These releases will cut down on unnecessary engineer call-outs, reduce the time you spend finding errors, and give you clear advice on how to troubleshoot,” Barendrecht says. “They also offer a much more connected approach to fault detection and diagnosis. They will pay for themselves in no time at all.”

One of the new arrivals is Osiris Enterprise, an external platform that fuses the data from several of Procentec’s Atlas permanent monitoring systems into one convenient overview, allowing technicians to monitor entire industrial Ethernet networks from anywhere in the world “for the first time”.

“Osiris Enterprise provides the next level of oversight,” Barendrecht explains. “It gives you an overview of the entire network, but lets you drill down to the last device to give you detailed diagnostic information. This, combined with Snap and the other products we’re launching today, will give owners true control over their network.”

Another new product is Atlas2, a second-generation of Procentec’s permanent monitoring system for industrial Ethernet and Profibus, that it claims is four times faster than its predecessor, accelerating troubleshooting routines. Atlas2 has a customised topology, and includes an expanded report-builder, practical user notes, and an EtherCat diagnostics licence.

Procentec’s Snap Analysis tool gives an instant diagnosis of Profibus problems

HMS Industrial Networks has recently acquired a 70% stake in Procentec.


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