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27 May, 2024

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SIL overspeed protection system is 'game-changing'

11 August, 2020

A Dutch specialist in speed-sensing technologies has announced a “game-changing” overspeed protection system that, it says, will broaden the range of rotating machinery that is suitable for high-integrity overspeed protection, as well as satisfying the growing demand for SIL-certified systems. Istec, which has 50 years’ experience of this market, adds that its SpeedSys 200 system takes scalability “to a new level” to bridge the gap between what can and cannot be protected.

Istec says that the demand for high-integrity safety systems for rotating machinery is increasing, as is the need to ensure machine availability for both highly critical and less critical machinery.

At the same time, the global adoption of the SIL safety classification is driving changes in the machine protection market, both for large and small rotating machines. End-users want to comply with the standard, while insurance companies are demanding that functional safety is implemented on a wider range of applications.

At present, however, the overspeed protection market is dominated by rack-based systems that are unnecessarily complicated and costly for smaller and less critical rotating equipment applications. The new protection system avoids complexity by providing the core layer of SIL-rated overspeed protection using a compact architecture. This, combined with its relatively low cost, will make the technology accessible to a wider range of rotating equipment, without compromising safety, Istec says.

Istec's overspeed protection device is suitable for both small and large rotating machines

The SIL-2-certified device has an 8ms response time and includes two safety relays and an analogue safety output. It can be used with Hall effect, electromagnetic or proximity sensors.

The company is planning to make the new overspeed protection technology available globally during the third quarter of this year.

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