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13 July, 2024

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Compact IP65/67 IPC can be installed directly on machines

15 April, 2020

The German automation manufacturer Beckhoff has announced an ultra-compact multi-core industrial PC with IP65/67 protection that can be installed directly on machines or other equipment. When used as a control computer, the C7015 edge device also reduces the need for control cabinet space, and simplifies machine designs as well as later system expansions.

The fanless IPC, which measures 85 x 167 x 43mm, can be used for high-performance automation, visualisation and communications purposes. Its applications range from classic machine control, to decentralised edge computing in Industry 4.0 applications.

The IPC is based on Intel Atom CPUs with up to four processor cores. Beckhoff says that compared to ARM-based edge devices, it can support more demanding applications, as well as pre-processing data locally, and acquiring large volumes of data.

The IPC can be used as a highly functional machine controller which reduces machine footprints, especially when combined with other Beckhoff components with high IP ratings, such as its AMP8000 distributed servodrives and EPP series of EtherCat P I/O modules. These components can simplify machine designs and expansions such as adding energy data acquisition systems.

The IP 65/67-protected ultra-compact IPC (left) can be installed on machines and attached directly to EtherCat P I/O modules (right).

A built-in power-carrying EtherCat P connection offers new options for efficient sensor/actuator connections via the IP 67-protected EPP modules. For example, complex diagnostic or condition-monitoring tasks can be decentralised and supported with minimal installation effort. A special mounting plate allows EPP modules to attach directly to the C7015. If required, extra EPP modules can be connected via EtherCat P.

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