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19 June, 2024

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All-in-one precision platform is ‘the future of motion control’

06 January, 2020

At the recent SPS exhibition, Aerotech unveiled a new control platform which, it says, contains all of the components needed for precision machine control. The Automation1 platform is aimed, in particular, at the growing markets for precision machinery in which process controls need to be linked closely to motion controls. It promises faster motion and settling times, improved position stability, and enhanced contour accuracy.

Automation1 is the future of motion control,” declares Norbert Ludwig, Aerotech’s general manager for Germany. “It is the first motion control development environment that simultaneously puts years of user experience with the latest technology for precise and fast motion sequences into the forefront of product design.

“We have brought the control of positioning systems and connected components on a platform that is specially equipped with a new software-based motion controller”, he adds. “We can drive servo and stepper motors, galvo scan heads, piezoelectric actuators, and a variety of other devices.”

The drives are connected via the HyperWire bus, which Aerotech claims is the most powerful communication bus in the motion control industry.

Aerotech says that its new Automation1 platform will simplify the control of positioning systems

At SPS, Aerotech was displaying the capabilities of the new platform in a demonstration that combined a high-performance linear actuator with a force sensor. The demo showed how easy it is to start in the positioning mode, then apply smooth, shock-free force, before switching back to positioning. The rigid mechanical structure of the actuator enabled good dynamic performance with short settling times.

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