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24 June, 2024

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Now you can talk to a machine to tell it when to start

12 June, 2019

Iconics, the software developer recently acquired by Mitsubishi, has developed a voice interface for machinery that allows users to perform tasks such as starting and stopping equipment, changing temperatures, adjusting setpoints, and viewing work orders, without looking away from what they’re doing or lifting a finger. The Genesis64 Voice Machine Interface (VMI) allows them to use natural spoken commands to boost productivity and improve operational efficiency.

Iconics says that the interface makes it easy and intuitive to issue voice commands in a choice of languages. “Digital assistants may be commonplace in homes around the world,” says the company’s president and CEO, Russ Agrusa, “but we are only just starting to see them emerge in the workplace. Iconics’ new VMI technology enables our customers to bring the benefits of those assistants to their plant, facility, office, or even with them on the go to explore their data in new ways they never thought possible.”

Iconics’ Genesis64 Voice Machine Interface brings voice commands, already familiar on these domestic devices, to the factory floor

The interface integrates with popular voice assistant technologies, such as those from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Through Iconics’ Workbench software, users can create “skills” that work via these developers’ cloud services and voice interactivity technologies, including Amazon Web Services for Alexa, LUIS.AI for Microsoft Skype/Teams/Cortana, and Google Actions for Google Home/Assistant.

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