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16 June, 2024

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Motion function cuts machine set-up times by up to 90%

08 February, 2019

Bosch Rexroth claims that a new drive-based motion control function can cut machine programming and commissioning times by up to 90%, compared to traditional PLCs. With the Sequential Motion Control (SMC) function, users can program single- and multi-axis applications in Rexroth’s IndraDrive drives without needing an external control system.

Individual commands control complete motion sequences and are executed one after another. They cover typical motion control functions such as independent positioning of axes, coupling axes, synchronous operation, cam disc applications and sequential movements. Potential applications range from handling systems to flying cutters.

Rexroth says that direct comparisons have shown that processes can be carried out up to 90% faster. For example, while it can take about one week to program and commission a flying cutter using a PLC, using SMC, the task can be completed in around four man-hours.

Rexroth's Sequential Motion Control function runs on its Indradrive servodrives

Rexroth is offering pre-configured drives that relieve users of time-consuming routine tasks such as defining operating modes, diagnostics and error handling. The new function includes a manual mode, a parameterisation mode and an automatic mode for working through the programs.

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