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18 July, 2024

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Easy-to-build servo platform offers architecture choice

20 December, 2017

At the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Germany, Danfoss unveiled a modular motion control platform which can be used to create centralised or decentralised architectures. The VLT FlexMotion system is based on a multi-axis servodrive and can also include integrated and decentralised servodrives as well as integrated gearmotor-servodrive combinations.

The platform can be used to implement applications such as feed and discharge systems, packaging machines and conveyors, as well as complete production lines. Danfoss says it will cut engineering, installation and commissioning costs, as well as reducing energy consumption via a common DC link.

The key element in the system is the MSD 510 modular, multi-axis servodrive, whose components include:

•  power supply modules rated at 10, 20 or 30kW;

•  a pair of drive modules;

•  decentralised access modules; and

Danfoss’ flexible motion control platform can be used to create a variety of system configurations

•  an auxiliary capacitor module.

An “unique” click-and-lock mounting plate system is said to make installation easy and safe. The mounting plates are inserted into each other and lock into place. At the same time, the power supply and control lines are connected via a backplate, avoiding the risk of errors. After pinning the mounting plates into a control cabinet, the servo modules are plugged in, and also lock securely. The system can be expanded quickly and quick and easily at a later date.

The platform supports EtherCat, Ethernet Powerlink and Profinet real-time Ethernet-based protocols.

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