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25 May, 2024

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Device combines current measurement and PLC functions

31 October, 2017

The Swiss measurement specialist Camille Bauer Metrawatt claims, for the first time, to have combined a device that measures large currents with a PLC (programmable logic controller). It says that this combination will allow the device to carry out energy-based automation tasks without needing extra components such as a separate controller or display.

Typical applications for the rail-mounting Centrax CU5000 device (also available in a cabinet-mounting version) include monitoring equipment such as motors and transformers for reactive power compensation, and process control duties. It can also be used in applications such as load and energy management, harmonic analyses, and monitoring energy consumption and system imbalances.

The measurement part of the device can collect more than 1,500 data values to evaluate energy consumption, as well as mains status and quality. The parameters can be controlled either using buttons on the built-in display, or via a Web browser. It can connect to voltages up to 690V, Cat III.

The built-in Codesys-based softPLC allows the device to link energy measurement data flexibly to the available I/Os, or to export it via digital interfaces.

In addition to a standard digital input and two digital outputs, up to two I/O extensions can be added, including: two relay outputs; two or four ±20mA analogue outputs; and four active or passive digital inputs.

The Centrax CU5000 combines the functions of a large-current measurement device with a soft-PLC, avoiding the need for a separate controller in many cases.

The device also supports Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP. An “advanced” version allows other field instruments to be networked easily with the controller via Modbus. This allows data such as energy consumption, status or measurements, to be collected and processed. Another version, called “professional”, allows users to create their own Web pages and to define visualisations on the built-in screen.

The CU5000, based on Metrawatt’s Sineax DM5000 device, can be linked to higher-level control and management systems – for example, Scada systems, or the company’s own Smartcollect system.

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