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18 May, 2024

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IO-Link master brings smart diagnostics to tough areas

09 August, 2016

Rockwell Automation has announced an IP67-rated IO-Link master that gives access to sensor diagnostics in harsh operating environments. It claims that the machine-mountable Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock will cut the time taken to resolve issues by up to 90%, as well as improving preventive maintenance and optimising system performance.

The IO-Link master can connect up to eight IO-Link sensors. The master and sensors share an IP address, helping to cut the time and cost of commissioning.

The device stores up to 40 timestamps of sensor events on each channel. This event history can help users to track changes and to diagnose issues more easily. Input timestamps of all sensor data also can be sent to a controller when their states change.

“The ArmorBlock IO-Link master with IO-Link-enabled sensors can aid end-users in creating smarter operations without a complete overhaul,” says Rockwell product manager, Kevin Gagliostro. “They can deploy the technology to monitor temperature, and margin-indication or proximity parameters in critical processes. They can also target problem areas where better diagnostics are needed to remedy issues.”

Rockwell's IP65 IO-Link master can slash the time taken to resolve sensor issues

The master can be mounted on a machine with only a single cable from the cabinet, reducing the number and length of cable runs and potential failure points. There is also a version for use inside cabinets. 

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