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18 June, 2024

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Control system extends the lives of grinding rollers

08 January, 2016

ABB has developed a torque and speed control system for high-pressure grinding rollers (HPGRs) used in mineral-crushing applications that, it says, will improve their lives and performance.

As pairs of these rollers start to wear, they experience different wear rates based on factors such as the feed size, ore characteristics and hopper positioning. The new technology, called RollXtend, varies the load taken by each roller in real time, based on the wear they are experiencing, so that they can be made to wear evenly, thus extending their lives.

The new control system is also said to optimise throughput, minimise operational and capital expenditures, and improve operator safety. It allows operators to manage the torques delivered by each roller in real time. Speed matching is maintained even with differential roller loads, reducing slip to a minimum and reducing wear.

ABB says that RollXtend also offers significant advantages for maintenance. Currently, HPGRs need regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that damage to their studs is contained and that they continue to perform efficiently. To perform roller-inching for inspection purposes, operators need to disengage the main drive and engage an auxiliary drive. This is time-consuming and poses hazards for the workers. With the new drive system, inspection and maintenance can be carried out without needing to disengage the main drive.

ABB's RollXtend system varies the loads on pairs of mineral-crushing rollers in real time to ensure that they wear evenly

ABB adds that the benefits will be better appreciated in the long term, because the new system extends the lifetime of not just the rollers, but the whole HPGR machine, and provides the operational flexibility to improve the crushing process performance.

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