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19 May, 2024

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Vipa UK distributor is reborn as Gapp Automation

23 July, 2015

The UK automation distributor Vipa has changed its name to Gapp Automation, reflecting the wide range of products and services from a variety of manufacturers that it now supplies.

Vipa was set up seven years ago, initially to supply products from the German automation manufacturer Vipa to the UK market. The German company, which was acquired by Yaskawa in 2012, had a stake in the original UK operation, but has no financial involvement in Gapp Automation.

Explaining the reasons for the change, Gapp director Peter Walker says: “As part of our ongoing company development, our management team believes it was appropriate to rebrand our company to more specifically reflect what we do. Our company name change will let us present ourselves as a fully independent automation solution supplier, with a core focus on our customers and meeting their needs.

“Over the past 7 years,” he continues, “our product portfolio has expanded to include many leading-edge manufacturers from around the world. We will continue to offer the Vipa brand of products as part of our product mix, but we will now have the freedom to offer our customers the right solution, regardless of brand.

“This comes at a time when we have begun expanding our range in both the servo and linear motion technologies, where we are seeing significant growth.”

Walker: freedom to offer customers the right solution

Gapp is the main UK partner for servos from the Taiwanese manufacturer Delta and HMIs from Italy’s Esa Automation. It is also the sole UK partner for the Korean geared-motor producer GGM, the Danish in-line actuator specialist Concens, the Korean gearhead and motor supplier Sesame, the German air technology and drive engineering company ebm-papst, and the Korean industrial lighting manufacturer QLight. Other suppliers that Gapp will represent include Trio Technology, Axiomtek, ComInTec, Transtechno and Moteck.

The company’s portfolio includes inverters, servos, PLCs, motion controls, industrial PCs, gearboxes, power supplies and signalling systems.

Gapp – whose name comes from the initials of those involved in the company – has set up a Web site describing the new business and outlining the product ranges that it will supply. It will continue to operate from its base in Bedford 

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