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30 May, 2024

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Technology can configure PLCs and machines remotely

06 April, 2014

The Swedish communications specialist HMS Industrial Networks has announced a technology that provides instant, secure communications with remote equipment, such as PLCs and machines. The Netbiter Remote Access system allows users to use their usual PLC configuration software – such as Rockwell RSLogix or Siemens TIA Portal – as if they were connected to the machine on site.

The technology allows machine-builders, systems integrators, OEMs and end-users to connect instantly to devices, equipment or machines from any location. It provides a secure communications tunnel for PC-based applications and allows PLC programmers and machine-owners to configure, reprogram and debug their equipment from any location, saving time and travel costs.

Users first connect a Netbiter EasyConnect 300-series gateway to their remote device or machine. The Netbiter QuickConnect PC software creates a secure tunnel to the gateway and the device/machine to which it is connected.

The secure connection is established via the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data centre. There is no need to open inbound ports in firewalls, or to set up VPN connections on site.

HMS's Netbiter remote access system can be used to configure, reprogram and debug controllers including Rockwell Allen-Bradley models

Data is encrypted both to and from the data centre. It is also possible to choose a two-step verification method (logging in with a password and also getting an SMS to verify the user’s identity). This ensures a secure data connection to the remote equipment. Because the connection is made via Netbiter Argos, which acts as a routing portal for all communications, there is no need for fixed IP addresses or to worry about holes in users’ firewalls.

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