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16 April, 2024

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iPhone app calculates drive energy savings
Published:  03 August, 2010

ABB has produced a pair of tools to help users to estimate the energy and CO2 savings that are possible by adopting efficient drive technologies. The first is an application for the Apple iPhone and iPad that calculates the energy and monetary savings that VSDs can deliver. The second is a slide rule (shown below) that calculates the energy savings possible when using drives instead of direct-on-line motors running at full speed with no damper or throttle.

The tools are part of a larger “survival kit” that ABB has produced to help organisations comply with the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme and to understand the energy and CO2 savings potential of VSDs and high-efficiency motors.

Recent surveys have shown that most of the 5,000 UK organisations affected by the CRC are not ready for the scheme. By the end of June, only 522 organisations had registered with the Environmental Agency. If they don’t register by September, they will be fined £5,000 plus a further £500 a day until they comply and £500 for each half-hourly meter they possess.

As well as slide rules, ABB’s kit contains posters and leaflets that target organisations in sectors most affected by the CRC scheme – including swimming pools, data centres, hospitals, retail, and water and wastewater. The kit also offers a six-step plan covering the facts, savings, finance and actions needed to meet a CO2 obligation.

“Despite the fact that drives have now been available for over 30 years and the testimonials to their energy and CO2 savings are numerous, there are still too many organisations who have not yet embraced their benefits,” says Steve Ruddell, ABB’s UK energy spokesperson. “When you consider that 65% of all energy consumed in industry is by electric motors and around only 5% have variable speed drives fitted, then we still have a long way to go.”

ABB is also continuing in its campaign to persuade existing users of old VSDs and motors to upgrade to the latest equipment via its “swappage” scheme which offers a discount of at least 17.5% off list price if you swap old products from any manufacturer for new ABB drives or motors. Ruddell expects about 40% of ABB’s drives sales this year to come from replacements.

The scrapped drives are recycled in accordance with the WEEE Directive, even though they are not covered by the legislation. Over the past year, ABB says it has recycled 13 tonnes of scrapped VSDs, recovering over 90% of their materials by weight. Once a drive has been removed for recycling, the company issues a certificate that can be used for environmental audits by users complying with ISO 14001.

ABB’s iPhone app (shown above) is expected to appear in Apple`s online App store by the beginning of September.

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