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14 June, 2024

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High-speed direct-drive motors eliminate gearboxes

10 December, 2007

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Siemens has developed a range of low-voltage motors that can drive loads directly at speeds of up to 5,000 rpm without needing a gearbox. This saves space and weight, boosts efficiency by up to 3%, and avoids gearbox drawbacks such as the need for maintenance and lubrication (and possible oil leakages), as well as the downtime resulting from damaged gears.

Siemens N-compact motor

The N-compact high-speed motors (above) span power ratings from 200-1,050kW at 400-690V. Their rotors were developed using finite element simulation techniques to ensure that there are no critical speeds anywhere in their operating speed range. The motors are isolated from their bases by anti-vibration mounts with high damping characteristics, thus reducing transmitted noise levels, and protecting the motors from external vibrations. This construction also avoids the need to build special foundations.

Potential applications for the high-speed motor include high-pressure fans, screw compressors and circulating pumps.

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