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21 February, 2024

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Industrial UPS is `a first`

01 September, 2005

Industrial UPS is `a first`

Rockwell Automation has joined forces with the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) specialist APC to develop what they claim is the first UPS specifically designed for industrial applications. The DIN-rail-mounting UPS is designed to be mounted alongside control equipment in a cabinet to provide back-up power in the event of supply voltage dips or interruptions.

If the power fails, the UPS allows an orderly shutdown of PLCs, industrial PLCs or data-logging HMIs, and will continue to supply voltage at full load for nine minutes. Switching to the back-up power takes 2.5ms - compared to 10ms for a typical consumer UPS.

The 1609-U UPS uses a "line interactive" technology with an efficiency of 96%. According to Rockwell, devices using alternative on-line technologies are less efficient and can generate up to three times more heat, leading to potential problems in enclosed cabinets. Despite this attraction, the line interactive UPSs are said to be about 20% cheaper than comparable sub-5kVA on-line models.

The UPS takes less than four hours to charge to 90% of its capacity, and is charged continuously by the line voltage of 110V or 230V AC. It provides active voltage regulation to deliver a pure sine wave, as well as noise filtering, and transient suppression.

An optional network management card allows users to configure and monitor the UPS remotely via a Web server or Rockwell`s RSView software. Data, events, faults and real-time temperature can all be accessed remotely.

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