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28 May, 2022

Three-axis servodrive can slash cabinet space by 69%

08 October, 2014

The Austrian manufacturer B&R Automation claims that a three-axis servodrive that it is launching at next month’s SPS IPC Drives show in Germany will be the most efficient servodrive available with integrated safety functions. The Acopos P3 drive has a power density of 4A per litre of space, and a sampling time of just 50µs for the entire controller cascade, resulting in “previously unobtainable dynamics and precision,” according to B&R.

The drive, which spans ratings from 0.6–24kW, or 1.2–48A, is available in one-, two- or three-axis versions. The three-axis model is said to be the same size as a conventional single-axis drive, cutting the amount of space needed in a control cabinet by up to 69%.

B&R says that the 50µs cycle time for current, speed and position control will open up new possibilities for implementing “virtual” sensors. For example, a virtual motor position encoder will avoid the need for a conventional encoder, its cable and evaluation electronics in the drive, while enhancing availability. The virtual sensor capabilities can also be used to implement other functions, such as repetitive control, for more precise control and faster reactions.

The servodrive fits into B&R's modular, scalable automation portfolio, allowing lean automation systems to be implemented. A complete automation system can be set up using a B&R Power Panel controller-HMI, any number of Acopos servodrives, and X20 I/O modules. Safety functions in accordance with SIL 3 / PL e can be integrated if required.

B&R Automation says that its Acopos P3 servodrive will allow dramatic savings in cabinet space

The new Acopos drive adds Safely Limited Torque (SLT) and Remanent Safe Position (RSP) functions to the range for the first time. A total of 14 safe motion functions are now available, based on openSafety.

The new drive supports most of the world's power mains configurations – including TN, TT, IT and corner-grounded TN-S systems – allowing it to be used almost anywhere. This also reduces the number of machine variants needed. 

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