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24 April, 2024

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SPS IPC Drives 2013 exclusive show report

06 January, 2014

Moog has extended its family of single- and multi-axis modular servodrives to include optional safety functions that comply with EN 61800-5-2. The drives also incorporate a safety PLC capability that eliminates the need for external safety PLCs and improves reaction times. There are pre-programmed modules for all common sensors, available as logic elements. A scalable design allows safe I/O to be distributed across several drives. The drives are available in frame sizes 1–4, covering ratings from 4–32A.

New from Rexroth is a range of large drives in ratings from 110–500kW, up to eight of which can be used in parallel to achieve drive powers up to 4MW. In multi-axis systems, the air- or liquid-cooled drives can distribute braking energy via a DC bus and feed it into the power supply, for improved efficiency. Safety functions are built in and there is an optional motion logic system that can handle complex tasks with up to ten axes.

SEW-Eurodrive has added two new models, with continuous power ratings up to 4kW, to its DRC series of permanent-field synchronous motors with integrated drive electronics (shown above). These modular “electronic motors”, said to exceed IE4 efficiencies, are aimed mainly at conveyor applications requiring decentralised drives with built-in electronics. There are 3kW versions (DRC3) that can handle brief overloads up to 250%, and 4kW versions (DRC4) that can handle 190%.

SEW is also offering a new safety option for its decentralised Movifit FC/MC drives. The S12 option adds support for STO, SS1a/s, SLS and SDI safety functions. It can be used independently or in slave mode and the inputs can be set as one- or two-channel. The safety functions are programmed using SEW’s Movitools MotionStudio software.

Siemens has added a series of naturally-ventilated built-in torque motors to its Simotics portfolio. The rugged, high-torque (34.4–339Nm) synchronous motors with encapsulated windings can be used in applications such as slow-running gearless drives, where water cooling is impossible. They are available with outer diameters of 159 or 184mm.

Siemens also has a new cabinet inverter for pump, fan and compressor applications up to 200kW. The Sinamics G120P Cabinet drives are optimised for use with Simotics severe- and flexible-duty motors and can reduce motor noise levels by 4dB as well as achieving system efficiencies of 98%.

Sprint Electric, one of the handful of British companies at SPS IPC Drives, was showing extensions to its range of DC servo controllers that take the motor current up from a previous top rating of 2A to a maximum of 12A. The XLV controllers, housed in DIN-rail-mounting enclosures, are designed for use with permanent magnet brushed DC servomotors. They can be used in either current (torque) or speed control modes.

The Swiss motion control manufacturer Technosoft was showing a compact new panel-mounting drive for controlling linear brushless, DC brushed, and stepper motors rated up to 800W and operating at up to 80V. The iPOS8010 BX-CAT drive can operate as an EtherCat drive using the CAN-over-EtherCat protocol, or as an intelligent drive that can be programmed to execute complex motion profiles at the drive level using a built-in motion controller.

WEG has added a bypass capability to its CFW701 HVAC drives. If there is an inverter fault, the output relay connects the motor directly to the mains through an external bypass circuit. A switch on the front of the cabinet allows users to configure the bypass for manual or automatic switching. A maintenance switch allows the inverter to be replaced, tested or programmed while the motor continues operating through the bypass. A fused disconnect switch eliminates the need for extra protection components, such as circuit breakers or fuses. The CFW701 with bypass function is optionally available in IP21 or NEMA1 protection rating, in addition to the standard IP20.

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