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18 July, 2024

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Integrated brushless AC motors offer ‘servo-like’ performance

06 August, 2013

US-based Mechatronics Systems has developed a family of brushless AC motors with integrated drive electronics that, it says, offer variable speed operation with servo-like performance. It claims that the 191mm-long 2.2kW version is the smallest package of its type on the market.

The MCS motors can replace DC brushed motors in new and existing applications. They are said to provide the performance of brushed motors, but without their drawbacks, such as the need for maintenance, large sizes, and inability to operate at high speeds.

The motors are also claimed to be much more efficient than AC induction motors combined with variable speed inverters. They offer servo-like velocity performance and good torque regulation at low speeds.

The high performance is achieved by using an AC brushless motor technology based on high-energy magnets, combined with an advanced winding technique. The integrated drives offer torque, velocity or position control.

The 1,800 rpm motors are the same diameter as Nema 56 frame AC induction motors, with the same output power, but are much shorter. They are available in three sizes, with ratings from 0.38–2.2kW (0.5–3hp).

Mechatronics Systems (part of Potomac Electric) claims that unlike other products where a VSD is attached to a motor, the MCS fits into the same space as a standard Nema 56 AC or DC motor frame, allowing engineers to design small-footprint, high-performance machines. The integrated design reduces the need for wiring and control panel space, and allows easy “out of the box” installation.

Mechatronics Systems' integrated motors fit in the same space as a standard Nema 56 motor

The integrated motors operate from 115V AC single-phase or 230V AC single/three-phase supplies. They provide analogue 0–10V or 4–20mA inputs, and digital links via Ethernet, Modbus 485 or USB.

The motors can be customised easily for OEM users. Typical applications include conveyers, centrifuges, robotic vehicles, packaging machines, pumps, mixers, linear actuators, and small CNC spindle systems.

Options include operation to 5,000 rpm, dynamic braking, metric shafts and mounting plates, gearboxes, IP67 protection and food-grade stainless-steel bodies.

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