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2 June, 2023

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Servo drive family offers many choices
Published:  15 December, 2007

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Control Techniques has developed a family of dedicated servo drives which, it claims, offer "unprecedented connectivity, feedback options, intelligence and functionality". The Digitax ST family consists of four models, and spans torque ratings from 0.72-19.3Nm (57.7Nm peak).

The drives are optimised for applications requiring high peak torques, dynamic responses, fast installation and start-up, and easy integration. On-board motion and automation control, and a "safe torque off" input, reduce the need for external components.

Although CT already offers servo control functions in its Unidrive family, the new dedicated drives are suitable for more dynamic applications, and can handle 300% overloads, compared to 175% for the Undrive range.

CT Digitax ST servo family

The new drives accept CTís click-in function and communications modules, allowing users to customise them without needing special tools. There are already 23 of these options modules - providing support for most fieldbus and Ethernet systems, as well as a wide range of feedback devices including encoders and resolvers, and I/O extensions.

Commissioning times are reduced by a combination of automatic motor set-ups, an autotune function, and SmartCards that can store drive parameters and motion programming.

The four variants are:

ļ  an easy-to-configure Base model, optimised for centralised control and designed to operate with a motion controller (or PLC or PC) connected to it using either analogue signals or digital communications such as Sercos or Ethercat;

ļ a  standalone Indexer version, which uses its motion controller for high-speed point-to-point positioning, and is set up using the graphical IEC 61131-3 SFC (sequential function chart) language;

ļ  the EZ Motion model, aimed at indexing and synchronised motion applications, which is programmed using the PowerTools Pro PC software that guides the user to configure the drive, I/O and motion parameters, and is said to cut development times; and

ļ  the Digitax ST Plus, which includes a full-function motion controller optimised for high-performance machine cells requiring drive-to-drive networking, cam profiling and synchronised motion. Several axes can be linked to provide distributed control. The drive is configured using PLCopen motion function blocks.

The DIN-rail-mounting drives have flat sides that allow high packing densities for multi-axis applications. Pluggable terminals allow wiring looms to be prepared, thus reducing wiring times.

The Digitax ST drives will operate with all makes and types of AC servomotors, including linear motors and CTís Unimotor FM family which covers torque ratings from 0.75-73.2Nm in six frame sizes.

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