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25 May, 2024

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Automated goods receipt system delivers transparency

26 February, 2024

The German sensor specialist Sick has unveiled an all-in-one system for automated goods receipt. Using a digital platform to gather, process and prepare package-relevant data, it employs cutting-edge scanning technologies to manage shipments of any size. The system is scalable from manual to fully automated package recording, and can be integrated with handling and sorting systems.

Sick argues that there is a case for using digital data, even when shipment traffic is relatively low. When goods are unloaded from a delivery vehicle onto palettes, employees scan each package, recording it in the receipt system. Anyone waiting for urgently needed shipments can be informed immediately.

Returns and repairs can also be recorded quickly and easily. The system can be combined with an indoor localisation system to offer precise positioning data, and allowing users to validate storage locations. The automated goods receipt system manages all shipment- and process-relevant data, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Sick argues that automated, all-in-one goods receipt systems make financial sense with traffic levels of 150–300 packages. The key elements include ramp and conveyor systems in the goods receipt area; a scanner portal to record all incoming shipments automatically; and a sorting line. Stations for measuring the weight and volume of packages can be added. The additional data not only improves transparency regarding shipments arriving at goods receipt, but also offers data for negotiations over any shipment discrepancies.

For both manual and automated goods receipt systems, the data is visualised in real time on digital dashboards. Users can use the platform to find packages or call up information on individual packages.

Sick suggests that, in future, its goods receipt systems could be integrated with OT and IT systems and combined with ERP systems to offer additional, digital value-added services.

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