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23 May, 2024

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Water-cooled servomotors triple standstill torque

26 February, 2024

At the 2023 SPS show in Germany,, Beckhoff announced several new motor developments. For example, there was a series of modular servomotors with integrated water cooling, resulting in extremely high power densities, and delivering rated powers of up to 40kW in the smallest installation space

The standstill torque of the water-cooled AM8300 servomotors is three times higher than conventional convection-cooled motors While the torque increases with water cooling, the rotor moment of inertia remains constant. Five flange codes, each with three lengths – with standstill torques from 5.1–274Nm – cover an wide range of applications. Options include backlash-free permanent magnet holding brakes, shaft seals and keyways.

Beckhoff’s new ASI8100 integrated drive combines a stepper motor, an output stage and fieldbus connection in a space-saving design. As an EtherCat slave, it can be placed on a machine without a control cabinet or upstream I/O. The series covers ratings up to 250W, with drive monitoring via built-in LEDs. Simple function blocks for motion applications are built in. The series includes 42mm Nema 17 drives in two stack lengths, and four 56mm Nema 23 devices.

Beckhoff’s water-cooled AM8300 servomotors deliver three times the standstill torque of conventional convection-cooled motors.

Finally, Beckhoff’s AL8000 and AL8100 linear motors now offer a scanning head and scale tape for built-in position detection. This makes it easier to integrate the motors into machines because users no longer have to mount scanning heads. Only one cable is needed for the power supply, the feedback system and the thermal sensor, reducing wiring and simplifying commissioning via an electronic nameplate. The linear motors are available for 400V and 48V supplies.

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