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18 May, 2024

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Low-cost servodrives will create “a small revolution”

30 January, 2024

Aerotech has launched a series of slimline single- and multi-axis digital PWM servodrives for use with its Automation1 motion control platform, at a lower cost than its higher performance drives. The two-axis XA4 and the single-axis iXA4 drives are both cost less than €2,000. Both versions are available either as standalone motion controllers or as part of PC-based systems with I/O expansion options. A four-axis version will follow later this year, as well as I/O expansion and DC motor supply input for the entire series.

“With the new XA4 drive series, we are creating a small revolution in the market for PWM drives and motion controllers,” says Aerotech’s European director, Simon Smith. “Never before has there been so much performance for a comparatively low price – we are opening up the market to other industries and showing how others can also benefit from high-precision automation solutions.”

The new drives, he adds, “provide users with precise, powerful control for several motion axes in the same machine. The iXA4 also reduces the space required on the machine and eliminates the need for an industrial PC.”

The Automation1 platform offers many amplifier options that can be configured to suit the application and controller performance needed. The platform has its own software-based motion controller, which offer high levels of flexibility, while making it easy to control positioning and other connected components.

The servodrives communicate with Automation1, PC and drive-based control elements via Aerotech’s patented HyperWire motion controller. The iXA4 supports several types of feedback device and also has an on-board memory for high-speed data acquisition and process control. The integrated Automation1 controller can control 12 HyperWire motion axes and execute up to nine user tasks.

Aerotech’s low-cost, slimline servodrives include single- and multi-axis versions either as standalone motion controllers or as part of PC-based systems

“In combination with our motion control platform Automation1, users achieve the highest level of precision and performance, whilst enjoying advanced setup tools and ease of use,” says Smith. “For their products this, in turn, means shorter development and build times, as well as offering the ability to produce better quality parts at higher throughput.”

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