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26 May, 2024

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Kits provide a ‘recipe box’ for machine-builders

07 February, 2023

SEW-Eurodrive is offering kits of parts for quick and easy implementation of machines for picking, sorting and handling materials, as well for palletising and gantry systems. The StarterSet kits are based on items from the company’s Movi-C modular automation system, together with appropriate software.

The hardware can include controllers, inverters, servo gearmotors, cables, digital and analogue fieldbus terminals, operator panels and accessories.

The concept is aimed, in particular, at modular packaging machines that need to perform frequent product changes. Despite having different applications, many of their application and motion sequences are the same. They may not be identical, but they still offer the potential for simplifying things through standardisation.

The StarterSet hardware and software components are specifically tailored to, and preselected for, particular types of machine. They can be used as is, but there are also flexible adaptation options and customised add-ons.

SEW compares the concept to a recipe box, which contains everything a cook needs to create a meal. There is scope for implementing custom ideas. The kits contain all of the necessary components for basic applications. SEW says it is moving from the conventional automation pyramid, towards defined solutions including materials management. The sets can be ordered using a single identification number.

SEW-Eurodrive’s StarterSet kits provide the components needed to build machinery

A “gourmet package” adds the necessary software, such as the machine-based Movikit bundle for implementing applications. SEW leaves it to engineers to decide whether to implement functions in drive systems or centralised motion controls.

The company says the concept will simplify procurement and offer peace of mind because everything has been thought of. It adds that there are no limits to what can be added to the StarterSet and how it can be customised for complex machines.

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