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18 May, 2024

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20kg-capacity Scara robot opens up new applications

15 February, 2021

Fanuc has announced its most powerful Scara robot to date – a small, lightweight system that can carry loads of up to 20kg, which is 8kg more than the company's next most powerful machine. The SR-20iA robot is predicted to open up new possibilities in assembly, handling, picking and packaging applications.

The robot has a reach of 1,100mm, a maximum push-down force of 250N, a wrist inertia of 0.45kgm2, a footprint of 280 x 364mm, and weight of 64kg. It is suitable for high-speed assembly, ensuring high throughput of parts. Internally routed services give the robot a clean look, reduce the risk of interference and make it easy to install.

The robot’s 20kg payload and high speed means that it could be used as an alternative to traditional packaging technologies. Compared to in-line transfer systems, the Scara robot is not only much smaller, but also said to be more cost-efficient. “While there are still packaging applications that require a traditional six-axis robot, a simple packaging application doesn’t always require all six degrees of freedom,” explains Thomas Schneider, robotics product manager at Fanuc Europe. “For these scenarios, a Scara robot with a 20kg payload can be entirely sufficient.”

The robot supports large grippers and can therefore be used to assemble larger parts than traditionally associated with Scara robots.

Fanuc’s SR-20iA Scara robot has a 20kg load capacity and could open up new applications in areas including packaging

A IP65-rated variant coated in a waterproof white epoxy paint is available for use in cleanrooms.

The robot is powered by Fanuc’s R-30iB Compact Plus Controller, and supports software options including Fanuc’s iRVision image processing tool and iRPickTool logistics software. For easy set-up and programming of the robots, the company’s iRProgrammer software can be accessed via a Web browser running on a tablet or computer.

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